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Welcome to the Plymouth Historical Society's web site.  What we have attempted to do is include information of historical interest to genealogists and anyone else who is interested in the history of our community.  This site is new, and we anticipate adding additional information on a regular basis.  We urge you to check back often to see what is new.

With the exception of the newspaper articles which were recently published in the Record Enterprise, our weekly newspaper, most of the other data covers the 19th century (i.e., birth, marriage, death information, etc.).

In time we hope to include photographs identifying former town officials as well as local business men and women.  The Society owns a treasure trove of interesting photographs of town residents, street scenes, old building, many of which are no longer in existence, and private residences.  In the 1930s one of Plymouth's more affluent citizens commissioned a photographer to go out and photograph every house on every street in town.  These priceless photos, many containing information as to the original owner right down to the present owner at that time.  The town has grown since then and some of the homes no longer exist.  Many have undergone such extensive renovations they are hard to identify compared to their picture, but many remain unchanged and can be easily identified by former owners or former town residents.  This collection of photographs will eventually be included in this web site.

As the newspaper articles continue to be published, they will also be included here on a regular basis.  The Plymouth Historical Society is grateful to the management of the Record Enterprise for their cooperation in this historical project.  They can almost always find room for our submissions to their publication, despite the fact that some of the articles can be a bit lengthy.

We invite you to comment (positive or whatever) on our web site by emailing us at We also encourage anyone who has pictures, stories, family histories, memorabilia pertaining to Plymouth, etc. to get in touch with us via the email so that we can share information.

 Thank you for your interest in the Plymouth, New Hampshire Historical Society and do come to visit our historical museum the next time you're in Plymouth.  Admission is free, but we welcome donations.

The Society republished the two-volume set of Stearns History of Plymouth.  Originally published in 1905, one volume contains the narrative while the second volume contains genealogical information on many of the early Plymouth families.  The two volume set sells for $50.00 plus shipping.

Twenty Decades in Plymouth, New Hampshire - 1763 to 1963, by Eva A. Speare, was republished by the Society in 1988.  The book contains many pictures along with a historical perspective of Plymouth over a 200 year period.  The book sells for $7.50 plus shipping.

All text and images on this Web Site are for personal and. or educational use only.  Reproducing, redistribution, or exploitation of this site's contents for personal or commercial gain is strictly prohibited.  2002 Plymouth Historical Society.  All rights reserved.