BELL, ANNA, the wife of Kenneth G. Bell, died 2/6/1973.




BURNS, MARGARET LOUISE, died 9/24/1974 at the Pine Knoll Nursing Home in Lexington, Massachusetts.  She had been ill for some time before her passing.  Margaret was the daughter of Dr. Robert Burns, a Plymouth physician and his wife, Caroline Sargent.  The family of five children lived with their parents in the large brick house on Merrill Terrace.  Margaret was born in Plymouth 10/14/1886.  She was a graduate of Sargent College and she maintained a summer home at Sandwich Bay on Big Squam.  Her paternal grandfather, also named Robert Burns, was a physician in the town of Warren. Margaret was the second oldest of five children born to Robert and Caroline Burns.


MERRILL, LEON J. died June 12, 1975 at the age of 82.  He was born November 26, 1802, the son of Freeman Merrill and Myrtie Fox.




BELL, KENNETH G. died at age 84 on May 19, 1976.  He was born in Plymouth on January 24, 1892 to Granville S. Bell and May Jennie Gould.  In 1911 he married Anna Leslie Wells.  She passed away February 6, 1973.


BURTT, ARTHUR ALLEN died March 28, 1976.  He was born January 10, 1887, the tenth and last child of Fred Burtt and Leonora Augusta Wheeler.  He was married to Elsie M. Nicklas.  In 1918 a stillborn son was to bring sorrow to their home.


CURRIER, BERYLE D. (DAVIS) died September 17, 1976.  She was born on September 5, 1899 in Plymouth, the daughter of William Davis and Mina Whitcher.  She was married to Stuart Currier, who died in August of 1972.


MC CARTHY, MAMIE (MACDONALD) was born in Dracut, Massachusetts in 1886.  She came to Plymouth in 1914 and worked at the Pemigewasset House on Highland Street.  She married Felix McCarthy, Jr. in 1916.  They both worked for a time at the Profile House in Franconia Notch.  They bought a house on Winter Street in Plymouth and later owned the Starr King View House in West Campton.  Felix died in 1955.  He was the son and namesake of Plymouth’s very popular Police Chief.  In 1969, Mamie sold the Starr King House. She died in 1976.


REED, CLARENCE JOSEPH died February 25, 1976.  He was born November 30, 1893 to Henry Reed and Carrie Foster.  His first marriage was to Helen Crosby on May 27, 1930.  She died in 1958.  On April 17, 1960 he married Lois (Witham) Barton, a widow.  Clarence was a veteran of World War I.


WHITTEMORE, CARL WILLIAM died at the age of 91 on April 13, 1976.  He was born January 10, 1885 to Henry Harris Whittemore and Alma Harriman. He graduated from Plymouth High School in1903. He had one brother, Raymond, now deceased.  He was married to Pearl Johnson.




BATES, DOROTHY (SHUTE) died December 9, 1977 at age 77.  She was born in Plymouth and was the widow of Earl E. Bates, who died in 1974.


CHASE, FLORA ANNIE (COOK) died May 7, 1977.  She was born in Plymouth on June 21, 1882, the daughter of Alfred and Hannah (Boynton) Cook.  She married Edward A. Chase on June 27, 1920.  He died on April 3, 1926.


CLARK, CAROLYN BARRY (DAVIDSON) died at age 78 on July 22, 1977.  She was born in Plymouth on December 2, 1899, the daughter of Orrie L. Davidson and Annie Clifford.  She married Veranus Y. Clark on June 28, 1922.


CLIFFORD, CHESTER B. died August 13, 1977 at the age of 79.  He was born in Plymouth on April 11, 1898 to Charles and Lura (Sherburn) Clifford.


FLETCHER, JOHN C. DIED AT AGE 66 ON October 2, 1977.  He was born July 9, 1911 in Plymouth and was married to Elizabeth Dexter of Littleton on January 5, 1935.


GLOVER, ELMER L, died at the age of 90 on march 1, 1977.  He was a twin and was born September 19, 1887 in Bridgewater.  He was the son of Steven and Luella (Bartlett) Glover.  He married Katherine Maria McGinnis on November 30, 1935.  He was a veteran of World War I.


HOBART, LAWRENCE C. died at the age of 68 on January 24, 1977.  He was born in Plymouth on July 28, 1908, the son of Perley and Nellie (Clark) Hobart.  He was married to Marion Danforth, who died in the 1950s.


JENNESS, KENNETH A. DIED December 6, 1977 at the age of 77.  He was born in Plymouth and was married to Nellie Elliott.


KENISTON, MARTHA (SAVAGE) died at age 87 on July 5, 1977.  She was born February 27, 1890 to John Savage and Sally Carter.  She was the widow of Everett Asa Keniston, who died in 1962.  They were the parents of seven daughters.  Martha taught school at the Sargent School on Texas Hill Road from 1909 until1946.  She then taught school in Ashland until she retired in 1958.


SIMPSON, ARLINE L. (FOSTER) died January 5, 1977.  She was born in Plymouth August 9, 1904, the daughter of Frank Foster and Eliza Gore.  She was married to Eugene Simpson.


WORTHEN, DR. EUGENE L. died December 10, 1977.  He was 70 years of age and was born in Plymouth, the son of Leon Worthen.  He was a United States Navy veteran.





AMES, OLIVE M. (JOYCE) died December 3, 1979.  She was born in Plymouth on February 2, 1914, the daughter of Arthur and Madeline (Nutting) Joyce.  She had two sons, Arland Latuch and James Latuch, and two daughters, Mrs. Betty Downing and Miss Sandra Latuch.


CURRIER, MISS RUTH M. died at the age of 86 on October 22, 1978.  She was born in Plymouth on February 29, 1892, the daughter of Perley Currier and Cora McDaniel.







BAYLEY, ARTHUR died at the age of 84 in 1979.


CONSTANTINE, CLEORA M. (HUTCHINS) died March 18, 1979.  She was 93 years of age.  Born in Rumney on August 14, 1885, she was the daughter of Joseph Hutchins and Emma Elliott.


DAVIS, ULYSSES G. died at age 96 on May 16, 1979.  He was born in Barnet, Vermont on June 24, 1882, and he was the son of William Davis and Hattie Cushing.


DEACHMAN, H. ANNIE (GRIFFIN) died September 5, 1979.  She was born July 29, 1900, the daughter of Charles C. Griffin and J. Etta Sawyer.  She married William John Deachman, Jr., on May 18, 1921.  They were the parents of four children, two boys and two girls.  John Deachman died in the service of his country during World War II in 1944.


HANAFORD, FRANK S., died January 26, 1979 at the age of 96.  He was born January 1, 1883, the son of Lucien Hannaford and Abbie Smith.  He was married to Maud Plaisted who died March 10, 1974.  They had one son, Harold and two daughters, Mrs. Joyce Haskett and Mrs. Edna Bawley.


HOUSTON, MISS ALICE SELINA died July 16, 1979 at the age of 90.  She was born in Thornton on April 27, 1889, the daughter of Alvin Houston and Livona Grant.


HUCKINS, PAULINE (MARDIN) died at the age of 92 on March 24, 1979.  She was born in Plymouth August 12, 1886 to Charles and Annie (Farnsworth) Huckins.  She married Elmer E. Huckins on June 5, 1907.  He passed away on September 25, 1962.


SHERBURNE, LAVINIA A. (EASTMAN) died February 28, 1979.  She was 87 years old.  Born in Ashland on May 7, 1891, she was the daughter of Edwin Bert Eastman and Mary Jane Mousette.  She married Harold Sherburne, Sr. on October 10, 1924.