ARMSTRONG,, MISS NETTIE MAUD, died 6/2/1953.  She was born in Malden, Massachusetts 8/23/1866 to Gilbert Smith Armstrong and Rosalma Ann Whipple.  The family moved to Plymouth in 1869.  In 1884 she graduated from Plymouth Normal School and worked in the office of The Ayer Insurance Agency and as a bookkeeper for Moses Batchelder in his store, The Old Brick. Her first job was as a dry goods clerk with Webster, Russell & Company until the business was sold.  She lived on the corner of Highland and Langdon Streets in Plymouth. She was the middle child of three children born to Gilbert and Rosalma.  Both her siblings died as infants.


BRAINARD, ALVIN PAUL, died 8/27/1953.  He was born in Plymouth 4/10/1898 to Alvin Craig and Mary (Gibbons) Brainerd.  His father was yardmaster for the B & M railroad and his mother was born in Ireland.  Alvin was the youngest of six children.  He was unmarried.


BROWN, BESSIE  MAY (WALKER) died at age 67 on 8/24/1953 in Plymouth.  She was born here 4/16/1886 to William Walker and Mary (Carney).  Bessie married John Mellon Brown, known as “Mell,” a railroad employee who died in 1951.


BROWN, JOHN S. died 6/30/1953.  He was born in Campton 10/3/1879 to Daniel C. and Emma (Sanborn) Brown.  He married Olivia Goss of Bridgewater on 10/27/1912.  He was employed at the pulp mill at Livermore Falls for thirteen years.  He was known locally as “Long John Brown.”


BURTT, CHARLES COOK died 7/9/1953.  He was born in Plymouth 2/7/1879 to Frederick S. Burtt and Leonora Wheeler.  He was born in the McMurphy house in Lower Intervale, which was built by his father, Fred.  It burned prior to 1953.  He went to work at the D & M factory when he was fourteen years old and continued his employment there until 1937, when the factory went out of business.  He married Emelia Nicklas in Newburyport, Massachusetts on 1/24/1908.  His previous marriage was to Mary Ellen Morton.  He was the father of three sons; C. Edward Burtt, Kenneth Burtt, and Robert P. Burtt.


CORLISS, NELLIE J. (ROBY), age 87, died 8/23/1953.  She was born in Concord 12/12/1864 to George and Mary (Sargent) Roby.  She married Jepther K. Corliss of Hill.  He was an engineer of the B & M railroad and he died in February of 1946.


EASTMAN, PAUL S. died at age 52 on 7/1/1953 in Lancaster.  He was born 5/2/1901 in Ashland to Charles A. Eastman and Laura E. Perkins.  He married Verna Cote of Ashland on 5/12/1928.


HALL, LILLIAN (PEBBLES), age 84, died 6/25/1953.  She was born in Plymouth to George and Abbie (Coburn) Pebbles on 4/12/1868.  She was first married to William C. Howland in 1887. She married Frank H. Hall, her second husband, on 3/28/1900.  She had one daughter, Anna Robbins (Howland) Manion of Berlin, New Hampshire.


MC FARLAND, SADIE ALICE (THIBODEAU) died 6/26/1953.  Born in Plymouth, she was the daughter of Solon Thibodeau and Grace Bacon.  She married Edward Chandler of Plymouth and he died in 1914.  Four daughters were born to them; Grace, who died in infancy, Eddie, who died at age 14, Helen, and Emily.  Her second marriage was to M. Irving McFarland of Ellsworth, Maine in 1917. They had one son, Victor, and one daughter, Mildred.


PARKER, AMASA S. died 7/3/1953 in Whitefield.  He was born in Vermont on 1/21/1898 and lived in Plymouth for 23 years.  Called “Chick,” by his friends, he was employed at the Draper Corporation at Beebe River.  He was married to Beatrice Dustin.


PRESCOTT, MAUDE LILLIAN (MANION) died in June of 1953.  She was born 4/20/1927 in Rumney to Elwin and Ethel (Colburn) Manion.  She was married to Frank Prescott.


PAGE, NELLIE LOUISA (MC Donald) DIED AT THE AGE OF 96 ON 8/23/1953.  She was born 4/27/1856 to Converse and Ann (Marston) McDonald.  In 1869 her family moved to Livermore Falls from their home in Campton.  She married Ira Mason Page, a Civil War veteran, on 11/17/1887.  He was born in Vermont in 1840 and was quite a bit older than his wife. He had been married previously.  He died in 1894.


ROBIE, GERTRUDE E. (PICKERING) died at age 76 on 10/17/1953 in Plymouth.  She was born at The Weirs on 10/20/1876 to Charles E. and Roxanna (Webster) Pickering.  She married Albert Sloane Robie in 1898.  He died 11/6/1915.  They had two sons; Charles J. and William T. Robie and two daughters; Mrs. Violet R. Portall and Mrs. Leona Haley.




AHERN, STEPHEN EMMETT died 11/25/1954.  He was born in Saranac, New York on 12/27/1879, the youngest son of John Ahern and Julia Lawliss.  He was one of ten children born to the couple.  The family moved to Lower Interval in Plymouth in 1897.  Stephen married Mary Jacques and they had four sons; Stephen, Henry, Omer, and John.  They also had a daughter, Mrs. Margaret Thompson.


BEMIS, GEORGE M. died 9/30/1954 in Haverhill.  He was born in Athens, Vermont on 6/11/1865, the son of Neal and Mary (Jenkins) Bemis.  He came to Plymouth in 1914 and operated a meat business out of his home on Tobey Road (formerly Cutter Street).


GLYNN, ETHEL JENNIE, the daughter of David Glynn and Estella Fisher, was born in Plymouth on July 24, 1886.  She was an only child.  She died, unmarried, in 1954.


HUTCHINS, ALICE M. (GORE) died 2/15/1954 at the hospital in Hanover.  She was born in Plymouth on 2/1/1882, the daughter of George W. Gore and Harriet Page.  She graduated from Plymouth High School in 1900 and the State Normal School in 1904, the same year that she married Samuel Hutchins of Vermont (on 8/17/1904).


LYMAN, MARY (DRAPER) was the daughter of Jason Fletcher Draper and Hattie Cora Russell.  She was born in Plymouth 5/5/1882 and died in Portsmouth on 7/19/1954.  She was the widow of C. Burton Lyman.


MC CUTCHEON, ARTHUR WILLARD died 12/24/1954.  He was born in Warren 11/17/1887 to David James McCutcheon and Lillian King.  The family moved to Plymouth in 1894.  Arthur married Celia M. Jordan of Dover in 1908 and they lived in Conway until 1922, then came back to Plymouth, where they resided until his death.


MORSE, HERBERT F. died at age 84 on 11/7/1954.  He was born in Campton on 3/19/1870, the son of John D. Morse and Sara J. Moulton.  He was married to Minnie Lang.


PRESCOTT, DELLA FRANCELLA (HARDY) died in 1954.  She was born in Plymouth 4/18/1897, the daughter of Forrest Hardy and Alice Harvey.  She was a member of the Plymouth Methodist Church and was the widow of Grover Prescott.


RAY, GEORGE T. was born in Rumney 6/11/1888, the son of William Ray and Adelaide Dolloff.  He died in 1954.  He worked at the D & M and also at the Ashland paper mills.  He was married to Florence Wakefield and was the father of a son, George Ray, and a daughter, Mrs. Edith E. Smith.


SHERBURNE, GEORGE WASHINGTON died at age 81 on 12/6/1954.  He was born in Ellsworth 4/12/1873 to Samuel Sherburne and Amanda Willey.  The family moved to Plymouth in 1897 and lived in the former Benjamin Gould house at the foot of Peg Mill Hill.  George was married on 8/15/1901 to Ethel R. Spaulding.


SMITH, CYRUS GREEN died in Franklin on 4/12/1954.  He was the son of John A. Smith and Ora Fellows and was born in Plymouth 5/29/1879.  He was employed at the D & M for many years.  Minnie Way was his wife and they were members of the Plymouth Methodist Church.


TUPPER, GEORGE GORDON MEADE was born in Holderness 3/18/1874, a twin son of William H. Tupper and Mary Ellen Lowd.  He died 10/19/1954 in Massachusetts.  In 1880 he moved to Plymouth and lived in Lower Intervale, where he worked as a section hand on the B & M railroad.  He married Sadie M. Morse on 9/25/1894.  They had two sons; Ray and Harold; a daughter, Mrs. Ray Stevens, and a foster son, Paul Brown.  George’s father, William Tupper, served with the 6th New Hampshire Infantry and received an injury at Bull Run in 1862 which caused him to be disabled for the rest of his life.


WOOD, MRS. EMMA (TOURTILLOTTE) was born in Maxfield, Maine 8/13/1869, the daughter of Orin A. and Almeda Emery Tourtillotte.  She died 8/8/1954.  On 11/6/1886 she married Elmer J. Wood of Thornton.  He died in 1938.  They moved to Plymouth in 1895 and were members of the Plymouth Methodist Church.  Elmer worked on the B & M railroad.  They had three children, Almon, Harry, and Blanche.  Both Harry and Blanche predeceased their mother.


YEATON, ROSCOE S. “JOE” died 9/8/1954 in West Plymouth.  He was born 3/22/1892 in Northwood, the son of Alvah and Etta (Bartlett) Yeaton.  “Joe” farmed, ran a sawmill and lumber business at his home in West Plymouth.  He and his wife, Doris, had two sons, Phillip E. Yeaton and Dean H. Yeaton, as well as four daughters.




AVERY, CYNTHIA B. (AVERY) died 1/20/1955.  She was born 6/22/1878 in Campton to Charles M. and Nellie M. (Hall) Avery.  In 1901 she was married to Charles S. Avery.  Her grandparents and her parents owned and operated the Starr King View in West Campton, which was her home for many years.  She and her husband carried on the establishment after the death of her parents.  Her husband died around 1935 and she sold the business at that time to Mr. and Mrs. Felix McCarthy, Jr. of Plymouth.


BRAGG, KATE FLORENCE (HUTCHINS) died 6/9/1955.  She was born in Plymouth 11/10/1867 to George K. and Mary (Flanders) Hutchins.  She married Oscar T. Bragg on 2/4/1890.  He was a shoemaker and a carpenter and he died in 1934.  They had three sons; Harry, Lester, and Clarence.  Clarence preceded his mother in death a few years ago.


BROWN, MISS MARGARET died in late June or early July 1955.  She was born in Plymouth 7/1/1876 to Daniel M. and Frances E. (Marston) Brown.  “Margie,” as she was called, never married.  She graduated from Plymouth High School in 1893 and was employed for many years at the D & M factory.  Her sister, Alberta, married Fred S. Wright, an attorney in Woodsville and is Margie’s only survivor.


CURRIER, EMMA CORNELIA (TENNEY), the widow of Dean Currier, died 8/6/1955.  Emma was born in Hanover 6/2/1871 to Lemuel and Cornelia (Everett) Tenney.  She graduated from Plymouth Normal School in 1892 and married Dean Currier on 1/1/1895.  He passed away in 1949.


DAY, DONALD F., age 48, died 5/5/1955 in Plymouth.  He was born her 8/31/1906 to James and Eunice (Pierce) Day.  His wife’s name is Dorothy.


DUSTIN, MAURICE PRESCOTT died 4/26/1955.  Born in Plymouth 10/21/1899 he was the oldest son of James Morrison Dustin and Vinnie Susan Chase.  His wife’s name is Germaine.


GARLAND, MINNIE B. (CUMMING), widow of Dr. William Russell Garland, his third wife, died in early May 1955.  She was born in Richmond, P.Q. 8/5/1874 to William and Fanny (Astell) Cumming.  She came to Plymouth around 1910 and later married Dr. Garland, who passed away in 1935.


HERBERT, ALICE M. (HAWKINS) died in Concord 1/17/1955.  Born in Plymouth 9/30/1886 to Andrew Jackson and Margaret Teresa (Meagher) Hawkins, she was the adopted daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Cutter.  She had two older brothers, Willie and George, who both died in infancy. Her natural father committed suicide and her mother remarried Gilman Marsh in 1890.  He died in 1903.  Alice married Byron G. Herbert.  She was previously married to Perley A. Plant.


HOWARD, FLORA ABBIE (LOWD) died 5/19/1955.  Born in Plymouth 12/6/1865 to William A. Lowd and Sarah E. Morgan, her family moved from Plymouth to Canada when she was small. She married in Cookshire, Quebec on 11/4/1885, George W. Howard of Concord, Vermont.  He died in 1938.


MOULTON, BERTIE WILLIE died 4/9/1955.  He was born in West Plymouth 9/20/1874 to Ethan Allen Moulton and Martha Cummings.  In early life he was employed at the Holderness School for Boys.  He married Ruth Phillips on 10/1/1904 and they made their home on Winter Street; later moving to Fairgrounds Road, and ultimately to the “Weeks Farm.”


MOULTON, RUTH (PHILLIPS) died 5/12/1955, about a month after her husband, Bertie Willie Moulton.  She was born in Fredericton, New Brunswick on 12/13/1874 to John and Eunice (Smith) Phillips.  She was one of 13 children.  She met her husband while she was employed with him at the Holderness School for Boys.  They married 10/1/1904 and celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in 1954.


SMITH, MARY MAUD died at age 86 on 2/11/1955 in Ashland.  She was born in Ellsworth 10/5/1869 to Moses and Nancy (Batchelder) Smith.  When she was still a child the family moved to Plymouth, where she graduated from the Plymouth Normal School in 1889.  She taught school for many years, and later worked as a bookkeeper at the D & M factory for many years, until her retirement.


SMITH, BLANCHE BROCKETT (SMYTHE), the daughter of Rodney Edson Smythe, married John Elwin Smith on 10/5/1898.  They were the parents of two children.  Blanche graduated from Plymouth High School in 1894.  Her father and her husband were both Treasurers of the PGSB, as was one of her sons, Elwin.  Her other son, Rodney P. Smith, became a physician and practiced in Pennsylvania.  Blanche died at the age of 78 on 1/11/1955.


WHITTEMORE, ALMA (HARRIMAN) died 5/29/1955.  Born in Plymouth, she was the daughter of William and Caroline (Penniman) Harriman.  She was born 3/10/1860 at the Harriman homestead in West Plymouth.  She married 2/21/1884 to Henry Harris Whittemore and they settled on the Whittemore Homestead in West Plymouth.


WOODMAN, MARTHA STEVENS (FRENCH) died at age 88 on 5/26/1955.  She was born in Plymouth 12/4/1866 to Lorenzo H. French and Elizabeth Kelley.  She married Dr. A.W. Woodman on 12/3/1894.  He had opened his dental office in Plymouth the previous year and he maintained his dentistry for the next 40 years.  He died in 1939.




DUSTIN, NORMAN died 11/12/1956.  He was born in Holderness 8/21/1903 to Frank and Emma (Stewart) Dustin.  He was married to Anna McGoff and they lived at Loon Lake.


EASTMAN, FLORENCE (CARR) died 12/22/1956.  She was born in Holderness 4/18/1884 to Gilman M. and Cora (Huntress) Carr.  She married Frank Eastman of Ashland, who died on Christmas Day in 1936.


FORD, EARLE R., age 59, died 12/4/1956.  He was born in Plymouth 6/25/1897, the son of William and Nettie (Marden) Ford.  He was a veteran of World War II.


FULLER, ELIZABETH H. (HARRIMAN) died 12/17/1956.  Born in Plymouth 4/20/1870, she was the youngest of five children born to William and Caroline (Penniman) Harriman.  She married Rev. Robert Fuller, a Methodist Minister at the Harriman homestead.  Her nephew was Henry Trow.  Rev. Fuller died in 1953.  They had no children of their own, but raised a grandson from infancy from Rev. Fuller’s previous marriage; Frederick Fuller, Jr., whose mother died soon after his birth. 


GREENLEAF, HORACE T. died at age 83 on 10/21/1956.  He was born in Holderness 9/8/1873, the son of Charles and Laura (Loveland) Greenleaf.


GRIFFIN, CHARLES ABNER died 8/26/1956.  He was born in Rumney on 4/4/1898, the son of Charles P.C. Griffin and J. Etta Sawyer.


MITCHELL, HERMAN IRA DIED IN Florida in November 1956.  He was a native of Plymouth and the brother of Chalon Blair Mitchell.  His wife’s name was Helen.  He was the third of six children born to Ira Coleman Mitchell and Mynett Jane Swett.  His father was a stonemason.


SANBORN, MYRTIE C. (HUTCHINS), the widow of Charles Wilbur Sanborn, died in 1956.  Charles, who died in 1923, was the 7th of ten children born to Samuel Sanborn and Caroline (Sanborn).


WAKEFIELD, MARIE (GROSS) died 8/15/1956.  She was born in Germany in a town called Grelin, now called Frankfort, on 8/5/1870. She was the widow of Willard P. Wakefield and they lived on Thurlow Street in Plymouth.  They were married in 1899 and he died in 1945.


WHITCHER, ERWIN E., died at age 64 in November of 1956.  He was born 5/4/1892, the son of Emeri and Mary (Willoughby) Whitcher.  The Wentworth native was a veteran of World War I.




APPLEYARD, CLARA RUSSELL (HUCKINS) died 5/25/1957.  She was born in Holderness 10/24/1876, the daughter of John Smith Appleyard and Sophia S. Caldon. Clara was married to Alfred H. Appleyard.


AVERY, STELLA MAUD, widow of Frank Lewis Avery, died 8/25/1957.  She was born in Woodstock 7/9/1892 and moved to Holderness in 1922.  She and Frank had 18 children after their marriage in 1931.  They lost seven of their children, six boys and a girl, when their home was destroyed by a fire.  Seven years later their daughter, Pansy, age five, was killed when struck by a car in front of their home.  Another daughter, Nettie, died at the age of three.  Mr. Avery died in 1945.


BAYLEY, HERBERT EASTMAN died at age 88 on 8/25/1957.  He was born in West Plymouth 11/10/1868, the son of Timothy Eastman and Susan (Cochran) Bayley. And was the youngest of their six children. He was a meat cutter by trade. In 1899 he married Blanche Avery of Campton.


EASTMAN, HAVEN S., the oldest son of Horace Weston Eastman and Martha Grace McIntosh, died in 1957.  His two younger brothers were Clifton and Roy Eastman.


KIMBALL, ALICE (AHEE), widow of William Albert “Bert” Kimball died in February of 1957.  She was born in Vermont 10/8/1879 to Charles Ahn and Jennie Hunt.  Her husband was a judge of the municipal court in Plymouth and he was also an insurance salesman.


PATTERSON, OTTO A. of Rumney died in February of 1957.  He was born in Dorchester 12/27/1874 to Jed F. Patterson and Mary Kinson.  He married Minnie Gillett Caldon on 8/15/1900 and they had five children.  Minnie died in 1955.  Otto was 82 years old when he passed away.





BATCHELDER, EDITH CAMILLE (PHILLIPS) died at the age of 91 on 6/12/1958.  She was the widow of Moses Batchelder, who died in 1946.  Edith was born in Bethlehem , the daughter of Lemuel Newell Phillips and Priscilla Simpson of Littleton.


CALDON, EMMA (BRAINERD) died in New York in February 1958.  She was born in Boston 12/25/1888, the daughter of Alvin C. Brainerd and Mary Gibbons.  She was married to Arthur Caldon.  Emma is buried in Trinity Churchyard.


CALDON, HERBERT F. died 1/22/1958.  He was born in Campton 7/18/1894 to Rawson and Frances (Downing) Caldon.  He worked on the B & M railroad.  He was awarded the Purple Heart from his service in World War II.  During the last ten years of his life he was confined to a wheelchair.  He was the father of one son, Rawson Caldon.  Burial was in Blair Cemetery.


CHASE, ELDORA JANE (CORLISS), age 94, died 1/21/1958.  She was born in Plymouth 9/8/1864, the daughter of Moses and Abbie (Morse) Corliss.  She married William E. Chase, who was a night watchman at the D & M factory.  He died in 1933.  They had one son, William Chase.  Burial was in Pleasant View Cemetery.


COOK, MISS MARY HANNAH, died 9/24/1958.  Born in Plymouth 9/21/1872, she was the daughter of Alfred and Hannah (Boynton) Cook.  She graduated from Plymouth High School in 1890 and Plymouth Normal School in 1891.  She made her home with her sisters, Mrs. Flora A. Chase and Miss Alice Cook at 25 Russell Street in Plymouth.


DURAND, HERMAN FREEMAN died 10/5/1958.  He was born in Plymouth 5/5/1895 to Louis and Mary Alberta (Lougee) Durand.  His father was a painter.  Called “Hermie,” by his friends, he was the youngest of three boys born to Louis and Mary.


DURGIN, VARNUM GALE died 2/22/1958.  He was born in Thornton 3/29/1861 to Varnum Gale Durgin and Sarah Morison Smith.  He married Ella May Foss 5/3/1888.  She died in 1947.  He and Ella May moved to Plymouth in 1895 and operated Rose Lawn Boarding House for ten years.  They were the parents of two sons; Paul and Harry, who died in 1915 at the age of 24.  “Varney” was buried in Riverside Cemetery.


HILDRETH, MISS PAULINE W., the oldest of ten adopted children of Miss Mary E. Hildreth died 3/8/1958 in Boston.  She was President of Clow’s Hosiery Mill in Laconia.  The Hildreth family resided many years in the brick house on Merrill Terrace in Plymouth.  The family also owned a farm in Campton.  Survivors include two foster brothers and five foster sisters.


HOMANS, HARRY F. died 2/6/1958.  He was born 1/15/1879 in Campton.  He was the son of G. Frank Homans and Ella Swett.  He is buried in Blair Cemetery.


JOHNSON, HARRY PERLEY, died at the age of 80 on 1/25/1958.  He was born in Holderness 12/7/1877 to Perley and Mary Ann (Bayley) Johnson.  He married Grace L. Pillsbury and they had one daughter, Mrs. Lucille Little, who died in October 2001.  Harry was a merchant and a blacksmith.  He is buried in Riverside Cemetery.


JOYCE, ARTHUR GEORGE died 12/24/1958.  He was born in Dixville, P.Q. 11/6/1874 to Thomas and Letitia (Stevens) Joyce.  He moved to Plymouth in 1906 and was employed as a chef at the Normal School.  He later worked at the D & M factory and still later, at Plymouth Teachers College.  He married Madeline Nutting on 9/4/1907.  They had eight children and lived on Ward Hill.  On 7/16/1922 four of their children, Lena, Bernard, Leola, and Leander were drowned in the Baker River.  The tragedy happened on Bernard’s birthday.  A few months earlier the baby of the family, Georgia, age 18 months, died.  In 1946 the family homestead burned.  Arthur later purchased the house on Ward Hill, where his daughter, Mrs. Olive Latuch and family lived with him.  His wife Madeline, died in 1937.  He retired in 1951 and was living with another daughter, Lillian Philbrick, when he died. 


MILLIKEN, SEAVER L. died at age 53 9/22/1958.  He was born in Plymouth 4/13/1905 to Charles and Lula (Tucker) Milliken.  He was married to Sylvia Warner.


MORSE, FLOY I. (BARTLETT), died at age 73 5/14/1958.  She was born in Campton 4/14/1885 to Rev. William Bartlett and Emily Stevens.  She married Lenwood Morse 2/4/1905.  He passed away 9/9/1957.  During their marriage they lived on Cummings Hill Road for over 50 years.  After her husband’s death last year, Floy lived with Amy Merrill.  She leaves a brother, Samuel Bartlett as her survivor.


REED, HELEN (CROSBY) died 7/30/1958.  A Plymouth resident since 1912, she was born 7/13/1890 in Nova Scotia.  She was the daughter of George and Josephine (Hicks) Crosby.  She resided at the home of Colonel and Mrs. Carlton C. Shepard in Holderness, near Livermore Falls, when she first came to this area.  She married Clarence J. Reed of Plymouth on 5/29/1930.


SMITH, FRANK G. died 5/22/1958 at the age of 90.  He was born in Campton 4/4/1868 to Leroy Smith.  He married Charlotte Flanders 10/7/1896.  She died in 1955.  He was buried in Riverside Cemetery.


SPAULDING, HARRIET PHOEBE (DARLING) died 9/27/1958.  She was born in Connecticut 10/28/1875 to Dr. A.E. and Charlotte (Gregory) Darling.  She married Roy H. Spaulding 5/4/1898.  He died in 1948.  They lived in Ashland until 1912, when they moved to Plymouth and made their home on Russell Street.


STEVENS, ERNEST H. died 6/14/1958.  He was born in Campton 11/24/1889 to Frank and Nellie (Crowell) Stevens.  He was the father of a son, Roland Stevens.


SULLIVAN, KATHERINE (HOUGHTON) died 9/11/1958.  She was born in County Donegal, Ireland on 1/6/1882, the daughter of John and Ann (Kelly) Houghton.  She married Joseph Allen Dodge Sullivan of Plymouth in April of 1902.  He died 6/4/1942.


TILTON, MARION (FOSTER) died 10/19/1958.  She was born in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts 9/10/1899 to Edwin and Mabel (Jenks) Foster.  She graduated Plymouth High School and operated the S & F Dress Shop with Mrs. E.G. Severance.  She married Raymond Tilton of Rumney on 10/5/1927.  She and her husband made their home with her parents all their married lives.


WHITCHER, LESTER ALDEN died at the age of 68 on 1/25/1958.  He was born in Dorchester 12/11/1889 to Emril and Lydia (Willoughby) Whitcher.  He was a fireman for 25 years at the D & M factory and for 20 years at the Peg Mill.  He is buried in Riverside Cemetery.





BATCHELDER, JAMES R. died 3/20/1959.  He was born in Campton 9/23/1877, the son of Smith and Emma (Mason) Batchelder.


BROWN, RUFUS B. died 6/23/1959.  He was born in Ashland 10/31/1874 to George Henry Brown and Lydia Frances Cass.  He married Kathleen Claydon from Great Britain, and they lived in Ashland until 1916.  In 1916 they moved to Plymouth and he was employed at the D & M until it closed.  Rufus was crippled for 45 years, unable to walk.


CAYES, ABBY (SMITH) died 8/2/1959.  She was born in Bridgewater 5/12/1889 to Nathan P. Smith and Aleta Ames.  She married Fred Cayes of Plymouth and they had three sons and two daughters.


CAYES, JOSEPHINE (VONTELL) died in March 1959.  She was born in Plymouth to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Vontell in 1891.  She was married to Charles Whittier Cayes.


CHASE, MARTHA (CLOUGH) died 12/31/1959.  She was born 5/19/1880 in Jefferson, the daughter of Hosea Clough.  She lived for many years as the housekeeper in the T.I. Emerson house on Highland Street. 

She later went to the Odd Fellows Home in Concord.  She had a son, Earl W. York of Fairfield, Connecticut, and two stepdaughters and a stepson, Milton Chase of Wells River, Vermont.  Martha was 79 when she passed away.


CLAY, GORDON M. died 5/20/1959.  Born 4/25/1883 in East Andover, he was the son of Sam Johnson Clay and Carol Gordon.  He was the owner and operator of Clay’s Newstand.  In early manhood he drove the stage for his father between Bristol and Plymouth.  He came to Plymouth as a young man and was a professional ball player.  He was employed for 10 years at the D & M factory.  In 1917 he purchased the Plymouth News and Book Store and operated it for almost 30 years.  On 1/1/1945 he turned the business over to his sons and retired.  He was married to Bessie Piper and they had three sons; Sam B. Clay, John G. Clay, and Davis W. Clay.


CURRIER, JAMES LESLIE died 1/31/1959.  He was born 1/26/1909 in Haverhill to Leslie and Jessie (Bradley) Currier. In 1919 the family moved to Plymouth.  He was married on 4/14/1928 to Edith Hatch.  He was a veteran of World War II.


FLETCHER, CHARLES HERMAN died 4/26/1959.  He was born in Plymouth 1/26/1867 to Samuel Prescott Fletcher and Lydia Morrill.  He married Sarah Victoria Smith on 5/12/1897.  She died in 1905.  They had one son, Herman Fletcher.  His second wife was Eva Mabel Glover, who he married on 4/27/1911 and they had two sons, Roscoe and Arthur.  Eva died 11/13/1933.


FOSTER, EDWIN JOSEPH died 2/6/1959.  He was born in Somersworth 3/19/1868 to Jacob R. Foster.  He was a photographer and a musician in the 3rd New Hampshire Volunteers during the Civil War.  He married Mabel Jenks in Shelburn Falls, Massachusetts on 5/26/1897.  In 1898 he moved to Plymouth with his brother, George, and built the Peg Mill, which is now Plymouth Manufacturing Company.  He retired from the peg mill during World War II.  He had one daughter, Mrs. Raymond E. Tilton, who preceeded him in death.  The Fosters lived in a large home on North Main Street in Plymouth, next door to the large home of his brother, George.


FOSTER, MARY (JENKS) died 12/9/1959.  She was the wife of Edwin J. Foster and was born in Cheshire, Massachusetts 11/6/1973.  She was the daughter of George W. Jenks and Abbie Northrop.  She and Edwin were married on May 26, 1897 at Shelburne Falls.  They moved to Plymouth in 1898.  Their only child, a daughter, Marion, died in October 1958.  Edwin died in January 1959.  His brother and business partner, George R. Foster, died in 1944.


HUCKINS, MINA (WORTHEN) died at 81 on 10/7/1959.  She was born in Plymouth 10/2/1878, the daughter of Warren Baker Huckins and Mary Grace Moulton.  She married Harry S. Huckins of Ashland on 8/6/1902.  In 1910 they moved to Plymouth.


LAMSON, MYRTLE ELSE (FOSSIE) died 9/21/1959.  She was born in Plymouth 10/2/1899 to Alfred Fossie and Emma Cayes.  She was employed at the D & M for 18 years.  She married Walter W. Lamson, who died in 1958.


LONGLEY, MRS. CELESTIAN (DRAPER) died 3/8/1959.  She was born in Rumney 8/6/1906 to Otis William Draper and Alice A. Matthews. She was the youngest of nine children born to the Drapers.


MITCHELL, CARL WILLIAM died 1/20/1959.  Born 12/25/1892 in Bridgewater, he was the son of Henry and Alaha (Evans).  He was superintendent of the pulp mill at Livermore Falls until the mill closed.  He was later employed at Miller’s factory.  He was married to Madeline Pease.


NUTTING, MINA (ESTES) died at age 79 on 8/10/1959.  Born in Vershire, Vermont 10/10/1879, she was the daughter of Willis Estes and Lodema Pero.  Her first husband was Ralph Nichols of Bridgewater.  She married second Percy A. Nutting on 1/2/1907.  He died 1/7/1927.  Mina raised a family of 11 children.


PAGE, SCOTT WILLIAM died in Florida during January of 1959.  He was born in Plymouth 2/19/1884, the son of Harris B. and Lydia (Chase) Page.  His father was the last postmaster of West Plymouth.  The family moved to Plymouth from Campton in 1882.


PEBBLES, BURDETTE died in March 1959.  He was 63 years old and a taxi driver in Concord.  He was born 5/26/1895 to Burdette Varnum Pebbles and Clara V. Champon.  He was a veteran of World War II.


PHILBRICK, LESLIE WILLIS died 10/30/1959.  He was born in Plymouth 1/7/1884, the son of Adin Harrison Philbrick and Aura Maria Wakefield.  He was employed for some time on the railroad, then became a rural route mail carrier, like his father.  He was also a carpenter of note.  His wife, Mary Winifred Logan died in 1918 during the influenza epidemic.


RALPH, KERMIT M. died at age 49 in April 1959.  He was born in Plymouth in 1910, the son of Joseph A. Ralph and Nellie Morton.  He was a veteran of World War II.


SAWYER, LYLE (FELLOWS), widow of Walter M. Sawyer, died 3/16/1959.  She was born in Plymouth 6/14/1882 to Chauncey Ayer Fellows and Jennie Lyford.  She married Walter Montgomery Sawyer 10/7/1908.  He died 6/27/1942.


SMITH, ELWIN M. died 3/16/1959.  He was born in Plymouth 7/2/1898, the son of John E. and Blanche (Smythe) Smith.  He was married to Gertrude Chamberlain.


WILLOUGHBY, ELLEN, widow of George Willoughby, died in January of 1959.  She was born in Woburn, Massachusetts 2/28/1874.  Her husband died in 1938.