1900 - 1919 OBITUARIES


ADAMS, THOMAS JEFFERSON, died April 22, 1900 of atheroma.

ARMSTRONG, GILBERT SMITH, died December 22, 1900 of disease of the spinal cord.

AVERY, OLIVER, died March 11, 1900 of old age.

BARTLETT, DAVID RAMSAY, died January 24, 1900 of old age.

BAYLEY, TIMOTHY EASTMAN, died February 18, 1900 of angina pectoris.

CROSS, JOSEPH A., died March 15, 1900 of cancer.

DODGE, MARY ANDREWS (TEWSBURY), died November 18, 1900 in an accident.

FERRIN, CORA BELLE (POWERS), died April 20, 1900 of pernicious aralina.  She was the second wife of Jonathan Ferrin.

HALEY, MARGARET JOYCE, died January 18, 1900 of bronchitis.  She was the one month old daughter of Jeremiah G. Haley.

HALEY, RUTH HESTER, died November 2, 1900 of scarlet fever.  She was two years old and she was the daughter of Jeremiah G. Haley.

HAMLIN, ADA LAMAY (GOULD), died January 27, 1900 at age 42 of tuberculosis.  She was an actress and the wife of Paul Hamlin, an actor.

LE BARRON, JANE (GILFILLION), died March 28, 1900 of La Grippe.  She was 78 years old and the widow of Robinson Le Barron, who died in 1896.

MERRILL, EZEKIAL ELLIOT, died March 6, 1900 at age 80 of senility.

MOULTON, ETHAN ALLEN, died December 15, 1900 of heart disease.  He was the son of Simeon Moulton.

NELSON, MARY AUGUSTA (MERRILL), died October 3, 1900 of heart disease and dropsy.  She was the wife of Cyrus Weeks Nelson.

PALMER, MARY GRACE (AVERY) WARREN, died May 30, 1900 of burns.  She was the wife of Samuel Holmes Palmer.

PARK, MARY ELIZABETH, died August 10, 1900 of typhoid fever.  She was 19 years old.  She was the daughter of William Richardson Park.

PIERCE, JAMES KNOX, died October 1900 of Cystitis..

ROWE, FANNY E. (THOMPSON), died March 1, 1900 of heart disease.  She was the second wife of Samuel Newell Rowe.

TILTON, ALMON MEYERS, died October 1, 1900 of diphtheria.  He was one month old and he was the son of Charles Lowd Tilton.

WHITNEY, ELIZA (JOHNSON), died July 19, 1900.  She was the wife of Kimball Whitney and she was 91 years old when she died.


ADAMS, WILLIAM HENRY, died 11/5/1901.  The son of Moses Adams, he was a carpenter and a farmer, living in his later years on Ward Hill.  He was a selectman in 1892 and 1893.  His death was listed as an accident.  He was the father of two.

HARRIS, GEORGE HENRY, died 11/11/1901.  He was born in 1825, the son of William W. Harris.  He came to Plymouth in 1860 and lived in the Ward-Emerson house on Highland Street.  He was the father of one child, a daughter, Sarah Elizabeth, called “Lizzie.”  He is buried in the Turnpike Cemetery.

RIDEOUT, CARLTON F., died in Newport, NH 2/11/1901.  He was the son of Walter Rideout and Sarah Snow Blodgett.

WALBRIDGE, EMILY (TONDREAU), died in 1901.  She was the first wife of Charles Eugene Walbridge and the daughter of Augustine and Hester Estelle (Lebanta) Tondreau.  


BURNS, CLEMENTINE E. (HAYES), died October 25, 1903.

MELVIN, GUY CLARENCE, son of Noah Daniel Melvin, died 5/27/1903 at age 45.  He was a farmer on the paternal estate.  He was married to Lottie A. Fogg.

PAIGE, MARTIN VAN BUREN, died in 1903.  His wife predeceased him.  



CLARK, MARGARET (CURRIER), widow of, and second wife of Thomas Clark, who died in 1860.  She and Thomas were married in Andover in 1829.  She was the daughter of Timothy and Jane (Mitchell) Currier and was born in 1810. Tom's first wife died nine days after delivering her fifth child.  When Margaret and Thomas were married three months later, she became an instant mother to an infant, a three year old, and a seven year old.  Two other children from the first marriage died within five days of each other in 1826.  Margaret and Thomas had eight children together.  They moved to Plymouth in 1840.  On May 8, 1904, at the age of 94 years, Margaret Clark died.

 ELLIS, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, died October 1, 1904. He was born in Campton 1/13/1832, the son of Ichabod Ellis and Nancy Bickford. He is buried in the Ellis-Dearborn Cemetery on Reservoir Road.

ROLLINS, FRANK HERBERT, died January 16, 1904.



BAILEY, ELIZABETH (LITTLEFIELD), the wife of George Eli Bailey, died 1/2/1905.

MELVIN, SYLVESTER, died in 1905. He was the son of Walter Melvin. 

MORSE, LUCY JANE (MARSH), died April 22, 1905 at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Gil Fletcher.  Lucy Jane was the wife of Elbridge Gerry Morse. 

RUSSELL, LOUISA (HALL) DIED OF May 6, 1905.  She was married to Frank Russell.

SPRAIDER, JOHN, died in Iowa City, Iowa on March 1, 1905.  He was born January 7, 1808.


PRESCOTT, AARON CHARLES, died in 1906.  He was the son of Jesse Prescott.

WHEELER, HARRIET SUSAN (RANDALL), the second wife of Captain Daniel Coolidge Wheeler, died in 1906.


CURRIER, JAMES, the son of Aaron Currier and Anna Hoag, died at the age of 80 on 12/6/1907. He is buried in the Lower Intervale Cemetery.

REED. PHEBE (CURRIER), the wife of George Cummings Reed, died 4/25/1908.  She was 87 years old.


CUMMINGS, WILLIAM HARRISON, died October 15, 1909.

BAILEY, GEORGE ELI, died June 2, 1909.  His wife died January 2, 1905

PENNIMAN, CLARA C., youngest child of Caleb Dustin Penniman, died December 5, 1909.  She was never married.  She was 60 years old.

MARTIN, GEORGE WADLEIGH, died October 28, 1909.

SHORES, RUFUS, died 11/19/1909.

WARD, HARRIET, daughter of Isaac Ward, died May 16, 1909.  

                                                    1910 OBITUARIES

FLETCHER, BETSEY JANE (WEBSTER), died in 1910.  She was the second wife of Samuel Prescott Fletcher.


HOBART, CHARLES LITTLE, his wife died March 21, 1911.

WELLS, HIRAM FREEMAN, the only child of Hiram Thompson Wells and his wife, Mary A. Currier, died 1/1/1911.  He was 53 years old when he died.


CLIFFORD, CHARLES H., died January 19, 1912.  He was the third child of Jonathan Clifford and was born in Plymouth October 11, 1836.

CURRIER, HENRY CLARY, died January 5, 1912.

MORSE, SAMUEL MONROE, died May 17, 1912.

WEBSTER, JOHN H., son of William Webster, died in 1912.  He was the fourth child of William.


GEORGE, LOUISA VASHTI, died January 11, 1913.  She was the 4th child of Washington George.


FERRIN, EMMA, fourth child of Jonathan Ferrin, died in 1914.

PRESCOTT, MARINDA A. (WEBSTER), died in 1914.  She was the wife of Aaron Charles Prescott.

SAWYER, EMMA (FERRIN), died in 1914.  She was married to William H. Sawyer.


CURRIER, FLORENA BLAISDELL, died May 3, 1916.  She was the widow of Henry Clay Currier.


NUTTING, HANNAH ADALINE, DIED IN 1916.  She was the daughter and fourth child of Jonathan Jewett Nutting.

RIDEOUT, NANCY (MANNING), wife of Carlton Rideout, died in 1916. She was from Rockland, Maine.

SHORES, JUDITH, the widow of Rufus Shores died 8/11/1916.


NUTTING, MARY FRANCES, died in 1917.  She was the first child of Jonathan Jewett Nutting.

HARVEY, AMANDA TAMAR (HARRIMAN), died in 1917.  She was the second wife of William Collins Harvey.


CUMMINGS, CHARLES HENRY, died January 5, 1918.  He was the second son of William Harrison Cummings and Sarah L. Holden.

ELLIS, DOROTHEA ANNETTE (SARGENT), died February 9, 1918.  She was the widow of Benjamin Franklin Ellis.

GLYNN, DAVID, died in 1918.  He was the son of Stephen Glynn and the brother of Thomas Glynn.

PENNIMAN, JAMES, died on February 4, 1918.  He was the son of Caleb Dustin Penniman and Clarissa Chesley, the adopted daughter of Ephraim Chamberlain.  James was 78 years old when he died.


FOSS, GEORGE BRYANT, died in 1919.  He was born in Concord in 1856.  He was a traveling salesman and lived in Campton and Thornton before moving to Plymouth in 1896. He and his wife had four children. His wife died in 1920.

GEORGE, CHARLES WASHINGTON, died August 5, 1919.  He was the 6th child of Washington George.