BATCHELDER, IDA FLORENCE, died of consumption on 4/20/1890.  She was born 7/23/1854 and was unmarried at the time of her death.

BLODGETT, CAROLINE MARIA (MELVIN), third wife of William Davis Blodgett, died 1/13/1890 of gastrics and severe gangrene.  She was the daughter of Walter Melvin and was 51 at the time of her death. She was known as “Carrie.”  Burial in Turnpike Cemetery.

CALLEY, MARY EMELINE (KEYES), the wife of Chase Weeks Calley, died of gangrene on 9/30/1890.

GLYNN, MARTHA JANE (KENISTON), wife of Thomas Glynn, died of albumassasia on 10/7/1890.

KENISTON, CYRUS, died of phlisic on 12/18/1890. He was born 10/11/1823, oldest child of John Keniston and Mary Baker.

LANGDON, ANNA (MERRILL), the wife of Woodbury Fogg Langdon, died 10/18/1890 of typhoid malarial fever.

MC DOLE, HARRY GEORGE, young son of John T. McDole, died of whooping cough and convulsions on 7/6/1890.  He was born 7/26/1886.

MITCHELL, ISRAEL CHESTER, died 6/23/1890 of meningitis and whooping cough.  He was two years old when he passed away.

WARD, HANNAH SMITH (DUDLEY), the wife of Arthur Ward, died 10/16/1890, of cancer.Hannah and Arthur were the parents of two daughters and a son.

WOODBURY, SARAH ANN (RICHARDSON), the wife of Hiram Sherman Woodbury, died 4/9/1890 of cancer.  She was from Newport and was his first wife.


BERRY, ALBERT LESTER, first son born to John Colby Berry and Deborah Jennie Garland, died 9/16/1891 of typhoid fever.  He was born in Campton on 11/11/1875.

BLODGETT, ELBRIDGE GERRY, died 1/9/1891 of paralysis.

CONDON, MARY ELLEN, daughter of Maurice Condon and Catherine Elizabeth McDonough, died of typhoid fever on 10/9/1891.  Mary Ellen was born in Gilford on 7/21/1872.

GORE, HARRY GEORGE, son of George Washington Gore, died on 7/27/1891 of cholera infantum.  He was seven months old.

HOUSTON, GILMORE, died 5/14/1891 of typhoid fever.  He was born 6/27/1807 to David Houston and Esther Willey.

KNOWLES, BERTIE REVERE, youngest child of Nathaniel Knowles, died 1/26/1891 of enclampsia ending in asphyxia.  He was born 1/7/1888.

NUTTING, HENRY BULKLEY, son of Abel Nutting, died 9/26/1891 by his own hand, a suicide.  He was 34 years old.  His widow was the former Winnifred Mitchell of Bridgewater.  They were the parents of two children, Lawrence Henry, age who was almost seven years old, and Mary Elizabeth, who was only four months old when her father died.

RANDOLPH, the infant son of William J. Randolph and Elizabeth A. Bayley, was born and died on 1/12/1891 of convulsions.

SARGENT, Fred Sargent and his wife, Annie A. Brown, lost a one-day old son on 12/29/1891.  The baby, who was unnamed, died of premature birth, according to Dr. Enos Huckins, the attending physician.

SHERWELL, FREDDIE ERNEST, eight month old son of Frank Pierce Sherwell and his second wife, Della (Fairbanks) Proctor, died of gastroenteritis.

WHEELER, ANGIE SUSAN, born 4/27/1891 to Daniel Brooks Wheeler and Anna Howe, died at the age of six months on 10/20/1891 of cholera infantum.

WOOD, PHILANDER, died 9/15/1891 of heart disease and dropsy.  He moved to Plymouth in 1852 from Salisbury, Vermont and was a farmer for several years, west of the fair grounds.  In 1870 he moved into the village.  His widow was the former Sarah Breck Brigham from Petersham, Massachusetts, who married him on 5/21/1833.  They were the parents of eight children.

WORTHEN, GARDNER EDMUNDS, the son of Ephriam Worthen and Sarah Grace Lovejoy, died 6/12/1891.  He was 45 years old and the 8th of 11 children.


CURRIER, DANIEL HOAG, died on 4/13/1892 of fatty degeneration of the heart and diabetes.  He was born 4/3/1822.  He was 70 years old.

DAVIS, ORREN BLISS, son of Bliss Davis, died in a railroad accident on 10/7/1892.  He was born 2/24/1852.

HANSON, JULIA CARPENTER (MERRILL), died 1/27/1892 of La Grippe and gastrics.  She was born in Corinth, Vermont 10/12/1834 and was the wife of Nathan Hanson.  She and Nathan were the parents of two daughters, Amelia Hannah and Etta May.

HAZELTON, HANNAH DEARBORN (SARGENT), died of abdominal carcinoma on 1/17/1892.  She was the wife of Charles Hazelton, and the mother of five children.

HUTCHINS, CHARLES RUSSELL, died 10/15/1892 in a railroad accident.  He was married and had a son, Charles Lester, who was born in 1880.

KIMBALL, ALBERT, died of organic heart disease on 2/1/1892.  He was born in 1816, the son of Jonathan and Sarah (Smith) Kimball.  He was a locomotive engineer, married to Lydia Almira Moses and they were the parents of four children.

KIMBALL, ABIGAIL (ABBIE), daughter of Job Eaton Kimball and Sally Brown, died 1/28/1892 of La Grippe.  She was unmarried.

PALMER, SUSAN H. (SUMMERS), the wife of Lewis Jewett Palmer and the mother of Dr. Haven Palmer, died 5/24/1892 of a carbuncle.  She was 74 years old.

RUSSELL, PELATIAH, died 2/2/1892 of pneumonia and La Grippe.  He was 79 years old and the father of fourteen children.

RUSSELL, WILLIAM WALLACE, died suddenly on10/19/1892 of apoplexy.  He was 65 years old.  Although he was married twice, he had no children.

SPENCER, MARY POTTER (BROWN), the wife of Seth Spencer, died 1/14/1892 of pneumonia.  She was born in Andover 9/12/1816 to Henry and Love (Ladd) Brown.  She and Seth had one daughter, Hannah Eliza.

STRAW, EZRA, died 7/5/1892 of apopleptic shock.  He was born 3/10/1810. the son of Aaron Straw of Ellsworth.  He and his wife, the former Climena Yeaton were the parents of 10 children.  Ezra was 82 when he died.


BURNHAM, DESEVIGNIA STARK, died 8/15/1893 of apoplexy.

BURNHAM, LURA E. (MARSTON), wife of Desevignia S. Burnham, died 2/15/1893 of first stage pneumonia.

CLAY, KENNETH EARL, infant son of Elmer Xavin Clay and Ella Isham, died of brain disease on 1/7/1893.  He was eleven months old.

ECCLES, RUTH ANN (MOULTON), the wife of George Eccles, died 4/27/1893 of paralysis. 

FIFIELD, HARRY ALLEN, the son of Victor Albert Fifield, died of spinal meningitis 7/27/1893.

KNOWLES, ARTEMAS PEABODY, son of Nathaniel Knowles, died of broncho-pneumonia on 4/3/1893.

KNOWLES, CARRIE MIRANDA (JONES), the wife of Nathaniel, died 10/5/1893.

MC DONALD, ANN MAY (MARSTON), wife of Converse Doe McDonald, died of tuberculosis on 1/10/1893.  She bore him four children during their marriage.

PHILBRICK, ARABELLA M. (MERRILL), the wife of Willis Florian Philbrick, died 12/12/1893 og angina pectoris.

ROBIE, THOMAS, died 11/14/1893 of chronic parenchysvataus.  He was born 12/27/1830, the son of Samuel Robie.  He was a conductor on the B & M railroad.  His widow was the former Adelaide Hoyt.

STEARNS, RICHARD GOVE, son of Anthony T. Stearns, died 2/7/1893 of chronic bronchitis.  He was married to Elizabeth Jane Flanders on 12/23/1869.  He was a soldier in Company E, 12th NH Infantry.  After the war he farmed at West Plymouth.

WIFE, PAULINE A. (SMALL), died 8/29/1893 of dysentery.  Dr. Haven Palmer was the physician in attendance.

WHITNEY, SARAH (TAYLOR), the mother of Kimball Whitney, died in 1893 of dysentery.


DEARBORN, ALICE MAY, daughter of Samuel Asaph Dearborn, died of tuberculosis on 3/22/1894.  She was born 8/8/1876 and graduated from Plymouth High School in 1893.

DRAKE, EMELINE D. (PIKE), the wife of John Ayer Drake, died of organic heart disease on 7/22/1894. She and John were the parents of eight children.

GREELEY, MERRILL, died 10/7/1894 of Brights Disease.  He was born 7/3/1832, the son of Nathaniel Greeley and Nancy Wyman.

HAMLIN, FRANK, died 4/4/1894 of tuberculosis.  He was the son of Edward Hamlin and was 31 and unmarried at the time of his death.  His occupation was listed as “comedian.”

HARVEY, WILLIAM COLLINS, died 5/12/1894 of heart disease at age 75.

PAGE, IRA M., a Civil War veteran, died in 1894.  He was married to the former Nellie McDonald.

PENNIMAN, CLARISSA (CHESLEY), the widow of Caleb Dustin Penniman, died of heart disease 4/12/1894.

PERKINS, SALLY LANE, daughter of Jacob and his second wife, Dolly Lancaster, was born 5/13/1818.  She cared for her aged parents until they died.  In 1885 she boarded at the Ward-Emerson house on Highland Street.  She died there of a blood clot on her heart on 11/15/1894.

SARGENT, LEWIS, died 4/26/1894 of gangrene.

TIMSON, ELLA (HUDSON), the wife of John Timson, died 10/11/1894 of anemia.  She was 25 years old.  She was the mother of John Timson, who was born 7/11/1894 and was just three months old when his mother died.   

WEBSTER, WILLIAM, son of Amos Webster was born 1/16/1807.  He was a potter.  In 1834 he married Laura A. Harriman and they raised four children together.  William Webster died January 16, 1894.

WEBSTER, LAURA A. (HARRIMAN), widow of William Webster, was born 11/27/1810, one of thirteen children of John Harriman and Betsey Aiken.  She married William in 1834 and bore him four children.  Just two months and eight days after William's death, Laura died at the age of 84 years.

WELCH, DAVID W., died 4/5/1894 of La Grippe.  He was described as “a homespun genius,” a basket-maker and a poet, a paper-hanger and a preacher.  In 1869 he published a booklet of prose and verse, revealing the many sorrows and trials of his life.  He was married to Sarah Jane _____; she died at the asylum for the insane at Concord.  His second wife was Mrs. Mary (Black) McDuffee of Chester.  They were wed on 8/31//1886.  One child, who died young, was born to David and his first wife, Sarah Jane.

WELCH, MRS. MARY (BLACK) MC DUFFEE, second wife of David W. Welch, died 5/30/1894.  She was from Chester and married David on 8/31/1886. 

WHITNEY, KIMBALL, died 3/16/1894 of hydrothoras.  He was the son of Otis and Sarah (Taylor) Whitney and was born in Campton on 10/26/1810.  He was a farmer and carpenter in Bristol and Campton before moving to Plymouth in 1872 when he purchased the Blair farm, later owned by Manson Brown.  His oldest daughter, Ann P. Whitney, married Manson S. Brown.  Two other daughters, Sarah and Emma J., predeceased their father in 1893 and 1878, respectively.

WRIGHT, CHARLES, the son of Dr. Samuel Wright, died of polio on 921/1894.  He was a contractor and builder.  He worked as a postal clerk for 17 years in Plymouth.  Mary Tyrrell Cheney was his wife.


BARTLETT, GEORGE ALPHEUS, 7th child of David Ramsay Bartlett, died of tuberculosis on 1/12/1895.

CURRIER, LUCINDA BROWN (BATCHELDER), died 8/21/1895.  She was married to Abraham Brown who died in 1852.  She then married Samuel Currier after the death of Mr. Brown.  

FRENCH, WILLIS E., died of an enlarged liver on 10/23/1895.  He was born in 1860, the son of Hiram Fifield French.  He and his wife, the former Carrie M. Edmonds, were the parents of two sons.  

GEORGE, LOUISA (ABBOT), second wife of Washington George, died December 28, 1895.  She was the youngest child of John and Phebe (Wells) Abbot, and was born on October 25, 1810.  Her husband died in 1876. Louisa and Washington George were the grandparents of George Gallup Clark.  Two of their unmarried daughters, Martha and Helen lived in the family homestead and cared for their mother until her death

LEWIS, ANGELINE (MERRILL), second wife of Calvin Ainsworth Lewis, and the mother of his last two (of five) children, died of scinhus of the breast on 10/5/1895.

MASON, SUSAN WATERMAN (FOWLER), the wife of John Mason, died 6/21/1895 of stomach cancer.

PILLSBURY, EVA BLANCHE, the daughter of Alva Smith Pillsbury and Martha Jane Draper, died 1/2/1895 of tuberculosis.  She was born 2/18/1880, making her 15 years old when she passed away.

ROBIE, ELIZABETH (JAMES) the wife of Albert Sloane Robie, died of tuberculosis on 1/10/1895.  She was the mother of Ralph Waldo Robie, who was born 10/13/1891.

SMITH, EUGENE, infant son of John Aretas Smith and Sara Etta Smith, died 7/29/1895 of cholera infantim.

SMITH, JOSEPH NEHEMIAH, son of Rev. James Gilman Smith, died of apoplexy on 4/4/1895.  He was born in Warren 9/1/1829.  He was unmarried and farmed in Plymouth.  His father was a Methodist minister, his last pastoral duties being in Plymouth in 1846.

WILLEY, ELKINS, died 10/10/1895 of phtnisis pulmatis.  Dr. A.S. Russell was the attending physician. Elkins was the son of Stephen Willey and Betsey Avery and was one of 11 of 12 children born to them.  He was the father of two daughters, one of whom, Sarah Abigail, died at 14 months in 1866.

WILLIS, SAMUEL SANFORD, son of Freeman Willis, died 4/17/1895 of tuberculosis at the age of eight.  Dr. Tristram Rogers was the attending physician and listed the cause of death as pericarditis.  


BLAKE, RUTH C. (SIMONDS), the widow of Nathan Blake, died January 6, 1896.  She was the daughter of Moses and Ruth (Cross) Simonds of Alexandria.  She and Nathan Blake were the parents of 10 children, all of whom were born in Alexandria. She was 85 years old.