HULL, LAURA ELIZABETH TAYLOR CROCKETT, wife of William Gould Hull, died 10/9/1880 of typhoid fever.  She was the daughter of Benaiah S. and Mary (Taylor) Crockett of Holderness.  She was a lady of culture and literary attainments.  She was the mother of two children, Arthur and Heber.


LANGDON, ANNA (MERRILL), the wife of Woodbury Fogg Langdon, died on 10/18/1880 of typhoid malarial fever.  She was the mother of one son.


LANGDON, FRANK WOODBURY, died at the age of 21 on 11/7/1880.  Like his mother, who had died the previous month, Frank died from typhoid malarial fever.  He was born 11/25/1858 and was a student at Phillips Academy in Exeter in 1877.  He was enrolled at Hellmuth College, Loudon, P.Q. at the time of his death, although he died in Plymouth.


PARKER, FRANCES (LYONS), the first wife of Joseph Parker and the daughter of James Lyons, died in Oakland, California on 4/5/1880.  She was from New York City.  She and Joseph were the parents of three children.


PENNIMAN, ELIZABETH, called Eliza in the Stearns History of Plymouth, was the four year old daughter of Nathan Penniman and Bridget Blodgett.  She died at the age of 83 on 1/4/1880.  She was unmarried.


PHILBRICK, WILBER HARRISON, infant son of Adin H. Philbrick and his second wife, Aura Maria Wakefield, died of convulsions 2/16/1880.  He was the second oldest of five children and was 28 months old when he died.


SARGENT, PAUL died of acute indigestion 10/11/1880.  He was the 28 year old son of Cyrus Sargent and his second wife, Mary Elizabeth McQuesten.  He was unmarried. 


WEEKS, BESSIE MAY, infant daughter of Edwin Storer Weeks, died at the age of two months of acute indigestion on 6/25/1880.




BLODGETT, CALVIN, the son of Abiel Blodgett and Margaret Davis, died 10/28/1881.  Calvin was the 9th of 11 children born to them.  He was unmarried.  Burial was in the Turnpike Cemetery in West Plymouth.


BURTT, CLIFTON FRENCH, the fifth child born to Fred Burtt and Leonora Augusta Wheeler, died 2/7/1881 of gastric fever.  He was born 1/26/1878.


CLAY, JONATHAN L., died at the age of 58 on 2/23/1881.  He was the parent of six children.


DEARBORN, SAMUEL died 10/17/1881 of exhaustive diarrhea.  Sam was born in Plymouth 8/16/1807, the son of Samuel and Elizabeth (Bartlett) Dearborn.  He was a tall man with a sensitive temperament.  He was an advocate for temperance and antislavery.  On 12/14/1837 he married Candace Sargent Perkins. They were the parents of five children.


GAYES, JOSEPH, died at the age of 41 on 5/9/1881.


HAWKINS, SARAH (KIMBALL) died 12/15/1881.  She was the first wife of Andrew Jackson Hawkins and the mother of Willie Francis Hawkins, who died at two years old, and George Hawkins, who died at two months old.  Sarah was the daughter of Job Eaton Kimball.


HAZELTON, CHARLES died of typhoid fever on 4/1/1881.  He was born 4/18/1813, the son of David Haseltine and Mary Ward.  He married Hannah Dearborn Sargent 10/11/1843 and they lived on the paternal homestead in Plymouth.  They were the parents of five children.


LOVEJOY, GEORGE WASHINGTON, died of pneumonia on 4/13/1881.  He was the 7th and youngest child of Nathan Lovejoy and Sarah Blackey.  He was born in 1826 and lived in Plymouth until 1851, later residing in Holderness.  He was in the 6th New Hampshire Infantry during the Civil War, as well as the 1st New Hampshire Cavalry.


PERVIER, MOSES died of heart disease 11/20/1881.  He was the son of Nathaniel Pervier and Jane Shaw and was born in Franklin 7/8/1806.  On 11/4/1831 he married Priscilla Brown of New Hampton.  They were the parents of five children.


POWER, JEMIMA (BLODGETT), the widow of Rueben Powers and the daughter of Abiel Blodgett, died at the age of 77 10/21/1881.


REED, WILLIAM HASTINGS died 10/27/1881 of Phthisic.  He was born 8/22/1822, the son of Joseph Reed and Susan Cummings.  He was one of six children born to them.  William married Mary E. Moses and they had six children; five sons and one daughter.


WALKER, SIMEON MARSH, died 7/9/1881 of brain fever.  He was the son of John Walker and was born in Campton 2/14/1835.  He married Emeline Clifford and they had three children.  He was a farmer in Plymouth.


WEBSTER, ANN (WALKER), the second wife of George Washington Webster, was born in 1794 and died in 1881.  She is buried in a small cemetery on Pero (Beech Hill) Road.  She was the daughter of Peter Walker and was born 5/30/1794.  Bathsheba Johnson was her mother.




BLODGETT, JOSEPH FRENCH, died at age 83 on 10/23/1882.  He was the son of Joseph Snow Blodgett and Eunice French.  In 1828 he married Mary Sanborn from Sanbornton.  He was a widower for over ten years before his own death.  He and married had four children.  Burial in Turnpike Cemetery.


BLODGETT, NOAH died of paralysis on 12/6/1882.  He was born 3/21/1806, the son of Joseph Snow Blodgett.  He married Esther White Packard in 1831.  She died in March of 1866.  His next wife was Melissa R. Cov, whom he married on 9/4/1866.  He was a stone mason and was living abroad until he returned to Plymouth in 1839.  He was the father of nine children; eight of whom were from his first marriage.


CHAPMAN, NELLIE ORA, 4th child of Henry Edson Chapman died of Scarlet Fever (called Scarletina) 7/6/1882.  She was born 10/2/1872.  Her mother was Sarah Melissa Fellows.  She was one of four Chapman children who died of scarlet fever in 1882.  Her father, Henry, was a veteran of the Civil War, having been wounded severely at Bull Run, causing his right leg to be amputated.  He and Sarah were the parents of six children.


CHAPMAN, CARRIE SUSAN, the third child of Henry Edson Chapman and Sarah Melissa Fellows, died of Scarletina on 7/3/1882, three days before the death of her younger sister, Nellie.  She was born 3/21/1867.


CHAPMAN, DORA MAY, second oldest child of Henry Edson Chapman and Sarah Melissa Fellows, died 7/21/1882 of Scarletina.  Two of her younger sisters had died earlier in the month.  Dora May was born on 8/16/1864. 


CHAPMAN, CHARLES HENRY, the only boy in the Chapman family, died of Scarletina on 8/6/1882, the fourth and final child to die from the disease in a little over a month’s time.  His devastated parents were Henry Edson Chapman and Sarah Melissa Fellows.  Charles Henry was born 3/19/1875. The oldest Chapman child, Addie, was born and died on the same day in 1862.  The only child remaining to the grief stricken parents was the youngest, Hattie Maude, who was not born until the following year, 1883.


CHENEY, LYDIA A. (BLAKE), the wife of Timothy Cheney, died on 11/25/1882 of pneumonia. She was born in 1820, the daughter of Nathan and Mary (Colby) Blake of Thornton.  She and Timothy had one son, Clarence, who drowned in 1862 when he was 10 years old.


IRVING, MABEL  age 11 months, died of Scarletina on 6/21/1882.  She was the daughter of William Irving and Julia Ann Eccles.  Little Mabel was born 7/18/1881.


MARDEN, HARRISON GREENLEAF, son of Charles Henry Marden and Annie Blanch Farnsworth, died of hydrocephalus on 1/12/1882.  He was 16 months old.


MC QUESTEN, GEORGE MARVIN died of tuberculosis on 11/25/1882.  He was the fourth child and youngest son of Oliver Spalding McQuesten and Charlotte Ellison.  He was born in 1845 and on 12/21/1871 he married Ella Caroline Thompson of Massachusetts.  He was a glove manufacturer, like his father before him.  George and Ella were the parents of two daughters.


MERRILL, ISAAC MILTON died 10/12/1882 of heart and lung disease.  He was a carpenter in Plymouth, the son of Jacob.  His birthday was 5/19/1807.  He married Abigail Hobart on 3/30/1828.  They had five children before she died in 1841.  His second wife was Esther Shepard of Holderness.


MORSE FRANK PIERCE died at age 30 on 5/14/1882 of an abscess of the lungs.  He was the son of Elbridge Gerry Morse and Lucy Jane Marsh.  Frank was born 10/1/1852 and was married to Susan Chapman on 3/23/1880.


RIDEOUT, WALTER, died 3/27/1882.  He was born 7/3/1799.  He was married to Sarah Snow Blodgett and he was one of the early Methodists in Plymouth.  He and Sarah had six children.


SARGENT, MARY HELEN, the daughter of James Sargent, died of tuberculosis on 10/12/1882.  She was 44 years old and unmarried.


SERGEANT, PHILIP WENTWORTH, youngest child of Cyrus Sargent and his second wife, Mary Elizabeth McQuesten, died at the age of two months of erysipelas on 12/21/1882.


WALKER, SARAH C., was born in 1805 and died in 1882.  She was the daughter of Peter Walker and Bathsheba Johnson.  She is buried in a small cemetery on the Plymouth/Campton line on Mt. Pero (Beech Hill) Road.


WHEELER, DANIEL COOLIDGE died 10/28/1882 of heart disease.  He was born in 1814 and married Melinda N. French, who died in 1857.  He married again on 12/25/1858 to Harriet Susan Randall.  He was a blacksmith and a farmer in Lower Intervale and was a Captain in the militia.  He and Harriet had two children together and he had three children from his first marriage to Melinda.


WHEELER, JANE COOLIDGE, infant daughter of Daniel Brooks Wheeler and A. Anna (Howe), died 12/13/1882 at the age of two days.  Two other sources, other than Stearns History of Plymouth, list the child who died in 1882 as an infant son. Stearns History and the cemetery records list a girl……




AVERY, LILLIAN, died 4/23/1883 of lung congestion.  She was born in 1870, one of seven children born to Jasper E. Avery and Mary R. Willey.  She was unmarried.


BATCHELDER, CLARK GILMAN died 4/2/1883 of pneumonia.  He was the son of Jacob Batchelder and was born in Franklin 2/5/1810.  He married Clarissa Jane Rogers of Northfield on 6/9/1836.  She died in 1849.  He married second on 2/21/1850 to Hulda Priscilla Yeaton.  He was a wheelwright and the father of nine children; the first four by his first wife and the final five from his marriage to Hulda.


BAYLEY, MARY JANE, daughter of Benjamin Bayley, died unmarried on 8/20/1883 of dysentery.  She was born 1/15/1813.  Her mother was Ruth (Eastman)


BLAKE, NATHAN, died of heart disease 3/14/1883.  He was the son of Jedediah Blake and he was born in Bolton, P.Q. on 4/19/1808.  He married Ruth C. Simonds on 1/1/1831.  He was a farmer and a lumber man.  He moved his family to Plymouth in 1874, having previously lived in Alexandria and Epping.  He and Ruth were the parents of 10 children.


BURROWS, JOSEPH died 4/5/1883 of a bowel inflammation.  He was the son of Joseph Burrows and Rachel Blaisdell and was born in Lebanon, Maine on 8/24/1813.  He was one of six children born to them.  He completed a course of study at Harvard Law School and moved to Holderness (now Ashland) in 1844.  In 1858 he moved to Plymouth.  He was a representative for the years 1871, 1872, 1873, and 1874.  He was executive councilor for the years 1878 and 1879, and a delegate to the Constitutional Convention in 1876.  He was a trustee of the State Asylum for the Insane, and served on the school board committee.  In 1839 he married Elizabeth Dearborn.  They were the parents of six children.


BUZZELL, AARON died 10/3/1883 of titarnic spasms.  He was the son of Daniel and Joanna Buzzell and was born in Epsom in 1820.  He married Sarah Jane Hull from Vermont and they lived in Gilmanton, New Hampton, and Holderness, before moving to Plymouth in 1881.  Aaron served four years in the 6th NH Infantry and was wounded at Spotsylvania, Virginia in 1864,.  He was discharged in 1865 due to his wounds.  Aaron and Sarah were the parents of six children.


DODGE, JOSEPH ALLEN died 8/10/1883 of Bright’s Disease.  He was born in New Boston 5/1/1818, son of John and Mary (Dodge) Dodge.  He was the general manager of the B & M railroad.  He was a representative in 1868, 1869, and 1870.  He was a member of the Governor’s staff in 1871, and a candidate for presidential elector in 1872.  He was married to Mary Andrews Tewksbury and their wedding was on 12/18/1843.  They were the parents of three children, the first child, Mary Emeline, died at seven months.


DRAPER, OCTAVIA MALVINA (PHILLIPS), the wife of William Augustus Draper, died of heart disease on 8/17/1883.  She was born in Turner, Maine 9/23/1828, the daughter of Otis Phillips.  She and William were married 1/1/1852 and were the parents of two children.


GOULD, HATTIE MAUD , 14 month old daughter of Charles Jarvis Gould and Maria Cate Morton, died of brain disease on 3/20/1883.  She was born 1/19/1882 and was the third of five daughters born to the Goulds.


MERRILL, LEWIS FRANKLIN, son of Jesse Merrill and Esther Putney, died of Bright’s Disease 10/5/1883.  Lewis was born in 1816 and was a dealer in pork and lard at Faneuil Hall Market in Boston for several years.  In 1860 he retired and moved to Plymouth.


MORRILL, JOHN, died at the age of 79 on 10/5/1883.


MORSE, CHARLES died of cancer 4/30/1883 of cancer at the age of 78..  He was the son of William Morse and Ruth Homans.  Charlie married Susan J. Boynton in 1859.  They were the parents of three children.


MORSE, FRANK PIERCE, the son of Elbridge Gerry Morse, died 5/14/1883.  He was a farmer with his father, and was married to Susan Chapman.


MORTON, MARIA AUGUSTA (THOMAS), wife of John F. Morton, died 8/7/1883 of exhaustive diarrhea.  They had one child, Maria Cate Morton.


PALMER, PEABODY died 9/13/1883 of old age.  He was born in Campton 7/1/1796, the son of Joseph Palmer.  He married Jerusha Tupper and they lived in Campton for many years.  He was a superior violinist.  He also played the fife while the militia marched during their training sessions.  He and Jerusha were the parents of eight children.


PENNIMAN, CALEB DUSTIN, died 5/1/1883.  His father was Nathan Penniman. In Stearns History of Plymouth, the year of Caleb’s death is listed as 1888.


ROLLINS, ERMINA JANE (MARTIN), the first wife of Charles P. Rollins, died 7/29/1883.  She was the daughter of John Smith Martin and his wife, Betsey Jane. 


SANBORN, ISABELLE PIERCE, the sixth child of John Frederick Sanborn died of tuberculosis 2/22/1883 at the age of 18.


SANBORN, ANGELINE LIBBEY, third oldest child of John Frederick Sanborn and Adaline Pierce, died four months after her younger sister, Isabelle, of the same disease, tuberculosis.  She was 23 years old.


SARGENT, NELLIE MAY, daughter of Moses Sargent, died 9/26/1883 of gastric inflammation at the age of 17.  She was a twin with Ellie Moses Sargent.


WEBSTER, SAMUEL CUMMINGS died 1/23/1883 of Brights Disease.  He was born 2/4/1817, the son of Samuel and he married 10/6/1844 to Angelina Putnam Rogers of Vermont.  Samuel Cummings Webster was the senior member of the well-known firm of Webster, Russell & Company in Plymouth.    He and his wife were the parents of two daughters, Winifred and Margaret.




COFFEY, JOHN P. son of Edward Coffey, died 6/4/1884 of meningitis.  John was born 12/8/1862 and was a bookkeeper in the railroad office.  His mother was Hannah Corcoran, a native of Ireland, like his father, Edward.  John was the second oldest of seven children.


ECCLES, GEORGE VERDI died of acute tuberculosis on 3/25/1884.  He was the son of George Eccles and his wife, Ruth Ann Moulton.  Young George was born 3/7/1874 and was ten years old when he died.


FERRIN, MARY V. (HALL) third wife of Jonathan Ferrin, died 2/2/1884 of tuberculosis.  She was the daughter of Alpheus Hall and was born 9/30/1813.  She was 70 at the time of her death.


FERRIN, ALICE CAROLINE (BALL) wife of Jonathan Hall died 5/6/1884 of pulmonary tuberculosis.  She was the daughter of Levi K. Ball and Caroline Rollins, and the daughter-in-law of Mary V. (Hall) Ferrin, who died of tuberculosis a few months earlier. 


FLANDERS, ANNA MARY (MC DOLE), wife of Dr. Hosea Baker Flanders died 6/1/1884 of tuberculosis.  She and the doctor were married 6/24/1870 and he practiced medicine in Plymouth for the years 1873 and 1874 before removing to Vermont, where he continued his practice.


HOLMES, MARTHA (SOUTHMAYD), second wife of Joseph Holmes, died 10/31/1884 of scropula.  She was the widow of Horace Southmay.  She helped him raise the three youngest of his nine children, including a pair of twins.


KING, HATTIE ALICE, youngest child of Benjamin Trussel King and Delia Ann Gilbert, died of tuberculosis at age 26 on 4/4/1884.  Hattie was unmarried.


PALMER, JANE BARTLETT (LITTLE), the wife of Samuel Holmes Palmer, died of dropsy on 6/13/1884.  She was born in Campton on 2/1/1835, the daughter of Henry and Clarissa (Bartlett) Little.  She was a vocalist and the leading singer of the Plymouth Congregational choir.  She married Samuel 3/13/1862.


REED, MARY E. (MOSES) the widow of William Hastings Reed, died 6/15/1884 of tuberculosis.  They were married in 1861 and had six children.


REED, GEORGE CUMMINGS, fourth child of William Hastings Reed and Mary E. Moses, drowned on 7/1/1884 at the age of 14.  George was born 9/20/1869 and was the 3rd of five sons born to the Reeds.


SMYTHE, ALEXANDER GRISWOLD, died 11/14/1884 of pneumonia.  He was the son of Joshua Brewster Smythe and he was born in Holderness 7/18/1817.  His mother was Mary Jane Shepard.  He married Caroline Elizabeth Flanders in 1842 and they had a son and a daughter.


STEVENS, ENOS, died 3/22/1884 of pneumonia.  He was born in Grafton 2/11/1811, the son of John Stevens.  He was married to Louisa Ellsworth, who died in 1877.  They had one child, a daughter, Maria E.


WHITTEN, ARTHUR HERMON, died at age six months of single atrophy on 8/18/1884.  He was the son of John Hermon Whitten.




ADAMS, EDGAR ALONZO, died 11/8/1885 of cancer and liver disease. He was born 4/27/1839 to Captain John Adams, Jr., and Cordelia Bailey.  He was one of seven children born to them.  On 10/30/1861 he married Marietta Louisa Norris of Groton.  He enlisted that year in the 6th NH Regiment and served for three years.  Living in Plymouth for many years, he was a teacher of vocal music. 


ADAMS, MIRIAM (RIDEOUT), the widow of Moses Adams, died 4/5/1885 of old age at 91 years.  She was the daughter of John and Sarah (Marsh) Rideout.  She and Moses Adams married in 1817 during the month of November.  He was a farmer at Adams Hill in Plymouth, having previously farmed in West Plymouth.  Miriam and Moses were the parents of eight children.  He died in 1855.


AVERY, EZRA WILMOT died 3/30/1885 from a fall. He was born in Rumney 8/15/1805 to David Avery   and Susannah Willey.  He was a tanner living in Campton before moving to Plymouth, where he operated a shoe store on the site of the Tyler House.  He married Ruth Buckman 2/7/1828 and they had four children.


BARNARD, ANDREW JACKSON CURRIER died 1/28/1885 of heart disease and dropsy.  He was born in Bridgewater on 8/17/1833, the son of Jacob Barnard and Mary H. Payne.  He married 11/30/1854 Laura H. Doton and settled in Plymouth.  He was a carpenter and a merchant and for a while was connected with the glove industry. He was the father of two; one daughter died as an infant, the younger daughter, Rosa, remained unmarried. 


BURNS, WILLIAM died 4/2/1885 of a carcinoma and is buried in Trinity Churchyard.  He was born in Hebron 4/25/1821, the son of Dr. Robert Burns and Mary Merrill.  He was one of five children born to them.  He graduated from Dartmouth College in 1841 and was admitted to the Grafton County Bar that same year.  He practiced in Littleton from 1843 to 1846 and in Lancaster from 1846 until his death.  He was Coos County Solicitor from 1848 to 1853, State senator for 1856 and 1857, a delegate to the Constitutional Convention in 1876, a delegate to the National Democratic Convention in 1860, and a Democratic candidate for Congress in 1859, 1861, and 1863.  He was a part of the law firm Burns & Fletcher from 1849 until 1866, and Burns & Heywood from 1868 until 1876.  On 4/25/1843 he married Clementine E. Hayes of Orford.


COOK, HERBERT MOODY, son of Alfred Cook and Hannah Boynton, died of pneumonia on 3/15/1885.He was born 9/26/1867, the second of five children.


DONOVAN, PETER died 3/29/1885 of cardiac failure.  He was the son of Dennis Donovan and was born in Ireland in 1825.  He arrived in America in 1848.  In 1851 he married Julia Whalley and they lived in Plymouth from 1858 to 1863.  He was a sectionhand.  He and his wife were the parents of several children.


DRAPER, CATHERINE MURIEL, called “Kate” by her parents, died of heart disease 4/23/1885.  She was the infant daughter of Jason Fletcher Draper and Hattie Cora Russell and she was born 2/25/1884. 


EASTMAN, CHARLES ALBERT, died of scarlet fever at age two, on 3/16/1885.  He was the young son of Horace Eastman and Mrs. Anna B. Crooker, his third wife.  Young Albert was born in September 1883.


HARVEY. JEANETTE (CLIFFORD), the first wife of Austin George Harvey, died of phthisis on 6/23/1885.  She was born 11/1/1851 to Absalom and Susan (Boynton) Clifford of Warren.  She was the mother of five children.


FERRIN, WALTER ELA, the son of Edward Ela Ferrin, died 1/15/1885.  He was 19 years old.  He was one of three children born to Edward and Aseueth (Emery) Ferrin.  She died just two months after Walter was born.


HUCKINS, MAUD, one year old daughter of John Smith Huckins, died of meningitis on 4/8/1885.


HULL, LUTHER CRAWFORD died 7/28/1885 of organic heart disease.  He was born in Plymouth 6/21/1833 to Nathaniel Hull and Mahala Kelley.  On 1/1/1854 he married Lucy Maria Wood from Vermont.  Luther was a jeweler and a watchmaker in Boston, before returning to Plymouth in 1875.  He was the organist at the Plymouth Congregational Church.  He was the father of three children; Emma I., who died young, Theresa Althea, who was adopted, and Lorenzo B., who was a musician in the Civil War.


LOWD, MARY died 12/5/1885 from dropsical tuberculosis.  She was born in 1810, the fifth of 11 children of George Lowd and his wife Betsey Merrill.  Mary was a tailoress and was 74 years old when she died.  She was never married.


MC DONALD, CONVERSE DOE died of peritonitis on 4/15/1885.  He was born in Old Town, Maine 3/21/1822 to John McDonald.  He came to Plymouth in 1848 and served 13 months as a Sergeant in Company E, 3rd New Hampshire Infantry during the Civil War.  He was discharged with a disability and never fully recovered from it.  He lived near Livermore Falls.  On 12/31/1848 he married Ann Mary Marston.  They had four children.


NUTTING, JONATHAN JEWETT, son of Thomas Nutting and Eunice Jewett died of cancer 3/12/1885.  He was born in 1810 and married Sybil Augusta Wyman on 2/2/1840.  He was a farmer in Plymouth.  They were the parents of four children.


PAGE, MOODY, son of Samuel, died 4/7/1885 of concussion of the spine.  He was born in October 1817 and married Emily W. Hobart on 5/6/1845.  She died in 1860 and he married Eliza Quimby in 1866,  Four children with his first wife, Emily.


RIDEOUT, SARAH SNOW (BLODGETT), died 8/31/1885.  She was the widow of Walter Rideout and the mother of his six children.  They are both buried in Turnpike Cemetery.


WHITTEN, JOHN HERMON, died 4/20/1885 of acute mania from organic cerebral disease.  He was born in Plymouth 11/8/1851.  He married Abbie Caroline Whiting on 6/12/1876.  She was from Johnson, Vermont.  In 1878 he came to Plymouth and engaged in glove manufacturing.  John and Abbie were the parents of four children.




BAILEY, LUCRETIA ANN (MARSTON) wife of Rev. Calvin Fairfield Bailey died 4/5/1886 of pneumonia.  They were married 10/25/1843. They were the parents of five children.


BROCK, LEONARD died 3/21/1886 of angina pectoris.    He was the son of Samuel Brock and Harriet Spencer.  He married Emeline Rowe on 1/29/1851.  He served in the 40th Massachusetts Infantry and after the war he was a driver of a stage line from Plymouth to the Profile House.  He also clerked in Plummer Fox’s store.  He and Emeline were the parents of one daughter, Harriet Ellen Brock.


CLARK, GEORGE AMOS died of liver disease 4/14/1886.  He was born 4/11/1852, the son of Amos Clark and Leura Hall.  He married Hattie G. Harriman on 12/23/1879.


COCHRAN, ELIZABETH. died 11/23/1886 of Dropsy.  She was the widow of Robert Cochran and step- mother of his six children.  His first wife died in 1866.  Robert married Elizabeth 2/12/1867.  They had no children from their union.


DEARBORN, HERBERT S. infant son of Gill Fletcher Dearborn and his second wife, Mary Rose Elliott, died 1/3/1886 of acute indigestion.  He was born 11/26/1885.


ECCLES, ARABELLE, died 5/4/1886.  She was the daughter of George Eccles and Ruth Ann Moulton.  She was born 5/25/1864 and was the fourth of seven children born to them.


KELLEY, MARY MOORE (WIGHT), the wife of Cyrus Kingsbury Kelley, died of tuberculosis on 3/8/1886.  She and Cyrus were the parents of three children.


LAWSON, WILFRED EUGENE, infant son of John and Eliza (Connolly) Lawson, died 1/15/1886 of basilar meningitis. Little Wilfred was only five months old when he died.


REED, LIZZIE BELLE (FOSTER), wife of Henry W. Reed, died of convulsions at age 26 on 10/19/1886.  Her death occurred only two days after giving birth to her son, Arthur Henry Reed.  He was her first child.  Lizzie and Henry were married 10/29/1885 and had been married just a few days shy of one year.


SARGENT, ESSIE MAY, the twelve-day old daughter of Fred Francis Sargent and Annie A. Brown, died of brain congestion 4/14/1886.


TUFTS, AGNES STRAW (WIGHT), wife of John Sullivan Tufts and mother of three, died of heart disease on 6/17/1886.  Her husband and their oldest son died within months of each other in 1888.


WELLS, HENRY, died 10/23/1886.  He was the son of Winthrop Wells and the husband of Elisabeth Edson, who died in 1846, and Lavina L. Gordon.  He had five children with his first wife and another five children with his second wife.  He was a farmer in Plymouth.


YEATON, WILLIE B., son of John Henry Yeaton, died of emphysema of the lungs at 10 months of age on 12/3/1886.





BEARDSLEE, MRS. ELLA (FERRIN)., died at age 39 years, one month, and 29 days on 11/3/1887.  Her grave is in the Lower Intervale Cemetery.  She was A TWIN DAUGHTER OF Jonathan Ferrin and Achsah Payne, who was Jonathab’s second wife.  Ella and her twin sister, Emma, were born 9/15/1848.  Emma married William H. Sawyer and lived until 1914.  Ella married Charles Fellows Beardslee and they had a son, Charles F., who was born in 1876.  Ella died from dropsy and heart disease.


EASTMAN, SIMEON died 5/16/1887 of valvular heart disease.  He was born 11/17/1826, the son of Galen Fay Eastman.  He was married to Lavinia A. Webber on 12/1/1845.  He was a stone cutter and contractor, living in Plymouth. And the father of nine children.  He served two enlistments during the Civil War.


EASTMAN, LAVINIA A. (WEBBER), the wife of Simeon Eastman, died of typhoid fever 1/28/1887.  She was the daughter of Luther Webber and the mother of nine children.  She and Simeon Eastman were married on 12/1/1845.  Her last child, James Albert Eastman was born in 1872.


FERRIN, ELLA, a twin daughter of Jonathan Ferrin the wife of Charles Fellows Beardslee, died 11/13/1887 of dropsy and heart disease.  She was the mother of a son, Charles F. Beardslee.


GEORGE, HENRY STANTON, son of Austin George, died in Plymouth 7/30/1887 of acute exhaustion and endocarditis.   He was married to Mary Jane Farnum, daughter of Hiram Farnum.  Henry was a glove manufacturer, a selectman, and a respected citizen.  He and Mary had one child, a son, Fred Noyes George.


KING, BENJAMIN TRUSSEL died at age 67 on 9/4/1887 of typhoid fever and dysentery. He was born in Danville, Vermont 4/30/1820 to Asa King and Ruhama Trussell.  He married Delia Ann Gilbert on 6/3/1846.  He was a stage driver for many years from Danville to Montpelier before moving to Plymouth in 1884 and making his home on Russell Street.  He and Delia were the parents of six children.


LANGDON, JAMES FOGG, died 1/10/1887 at age 82. His death was caused by inflammation of the stomach and bowels. He was born in Durham 4/27/1804, the son of Captain Woodbury Langdon and Mary Woodlock.  For thirty years he was a driver and proprietor of stages and mail coaches.  On 10/11/1827 he married Rhoda Hill and they lived in Rumney, where he was a Selectman.  In 1847 they moved into Plymouth. He was a Representative in 1872 and 1873.  He and Mary were the parents of five children.


MELVIN, JOSEPH READ (REED), died 6/1/1887 at the age of 82. He was a hotel keeper in Bristol for several years, moving to Plymouth in 1838.  He married Betsey Ayer of New Hampton as his first wife.  In 1849 he married his second wife, Emily Frost, of Gill, Massachusetts.


SANBORN, MARTHA (DEARBORN), wife of Brackett L. Sanborn, died of tuberculosis meningitis. They were married 8/17/1846 and had three children, a son and two daughters, one of who died young.


STRAW, WARREN A., son of Ezra Straw died 2/17/1887 of tuberculosis meningitis.  He was born 8/14/1846 and was married to Alice C. Ward for only a short time before his untimely death.


WEEKS, unnamed baby Weeks, a daughter of Edwin Storer Weeks and Betsey W. Sellingham, died when she was one day old on 5/12/1887.


YOUNG, MARY JANE (WHITCHER), the wife of Otis Young, died of inanition on 8/23/1887. She was 56 years of age when she died.  




DRAKE, TRUMAN CARTER, son of John Ayer Drake and Emeline D. Pike, died of typhoid fever on 8/3/1888.  He was the 7th of eight children born to them.  His birth date was 8/24/1860.  He was unmarried and was the Conductor of Raymond & Whitcomb Excursions.


HARVEY, MOSES COLLINS died 3/15/1888 of consumption of blood.  He was born in Campton, the son of William Collins Harvey (his name was changed from William Milligan by an 1839 act of the Legislature. He and his first wife, Amanda, were the parents of five children.


LANGDON, RHODA (HILL), widow of James Fogg Langdon, died a year after his death.  On 5/22/188, she died of pneumonia.  Rhoda was born in Northwood, the daughter of Daniel and Esther (Caswell) Hill.


MARSH, ROSELLA (COOK) LUFKIN, second wife of Gilman Marsh died 5/24/1888 of pericarelitis.


MASON, SUSAN ELIZABETH, youngest daughter of John Mason and Susan Waterman Fowler died 6/30/1888 of subacute endecarditis.  She was 18 years old.


NELSON, BERTHA A., daughter of Rev. Charles W. Nelson and Mary Jane Mowe, died of tuberculosis 7/8/1888.  She was the 9th of 14 children of the good Reverend and his wife.


NELSON, LEON E., died 9/18/1888 of typhoid fever complicated with spinal meningitis.  He was the 11th child of Rev. and Mrs. Charles W. Nelson.


PEBBLES, CORA G. (NELSON), first wife of Azro Pebbles, died 1/7/1889.


PENNIMAN, CALEB DUSTIN died 5/1/1888 of pneumonia.  He was born 9/4/1804, the son of Nathan Penniman and Bridget Blodgett.  He married Clarissa Chesley, the adopted daughter of Ephraim Chamberlain.  Her father was Thomas Chesley of Rumney.  Caleb and Clarissa were the parents of seven children.


PHILBRICK, JR. HIRAM CLARK died 5/1/1888 of phthisis.  He was born 3/13/1863 and graduated from the New Hampton Institute and attended Dartmouth College.  He was the oldest son of Hiram Clark Philbrick and Amy Wheeler Harvey.  His father was in the 12th NH Infantry and received multiple gunshot wounds at the battle of Gettysburg in 1863. 


PHILBRICK, EDWARD HENRY, younger son of Hiram Clark and Amy Wheeler Harvey, died a month after his older brother, Hiram, Jr.  He passed away 6/30/1888 from peritonitis.  His death was sudden and unexpected.


SANBORN, JESSE APPLETON died 6/15/1888 from a loss of mitral regurgitation.  He was born in Meredith 12/5/1820 and graduated from Dartmouth Medical School in 1842.  He was a physician in Gardner, Massachusetts and in Campton for several years.  He came to Plymouth after 1872.  He married Sarah Sanborn on 8/29/1842 and they were the parents of three children.


SANBORN, JOHN FREDERICK died 5/5/1888 of chronic nephritis of the liver.  He was born 6/24/1828, the son of Daniel and Charlotte Sanborn.  In 1868 he moved from Boston to Plymouth with his wife, the former Adaline Pierce, whom he married 10/30/1854.  They lived on Highland Street and were the parents of 10 children. 


SMITH, REV. JAMES GILMAN, died at age 82 on 4/10/1888 of a cerebral hemorrhage.  He was born at Mount Vernon 12/22/1805 and married Polly Leavitt of Vermont on 3/16/1828.  He was a Methodist minister, having joined the Conference in 1826.  His last appointment was in Plymouth in 1846 and he continued to live here on a farm on the Baker’s River.  He was an excellent singer and a good preacher. He and his wife had three children. 


SMYTHE, CAROLINE ELIZABETH (FLANDERS), the widow of Alexander Griswold Smythe, died 8/28/1888 of mitral regurgitation.  She and Alex were the parents of two children, a son and a daughter.


TUFTS, JOHN SULLIVAN died 3/26/1888 of organic heart disease.  He was the son of Nathan and Hannah (Sullivan) Tufts and was born 7/2/1833.  He came to Plymouth in 1861 and opened a dry goods store.  He opened a drug store in Fletcher’s Glove Shop and in 1880 he erected the Tufts Building and continued to trade in that building until his death.  He married Agnes Straw Wight on 9/22/1862.  They were the parents of three children.


TUFTS, NAHUM WRIGHT the son of John Sullivan Tufts and Agnes Straw Wight, died of tuberculosis at age 26 on 11/4/1888.  His father had died just a few months previously.  Nahum was the oldest child of John and Agnes and was a druggist, in business with his father.  He was not married.










BARTLETT, LOIS (BROWN), widow of David Ramsay Bartlett, died 9/2/1889 of general dropsy.  She was the mother of seven children and the daughter of Joseph and Mary (Fellows) Brown of Bridgewater.


CHANDLER, NELLIE GERTRUDE died of tuberculosis 1/13/1889.  She was the fourth of eight children of John Chandler and Helen Mar Leavitt.  She was born 2/18/1870.  Her father was a Civil War veteran and was wounded in the battle at Williamsburg, Virginia.  He was wounded a second time at Fair Oaks and again at Bull Run.  In 1863 he was discharged due to his wounds.  Due to his wounds, his sight failed him.  Mrs. Chandler was known to be a fine artist, painting landscapes in both oil and water color.


CHASE, ELLEN MYRTLE, infant daughter of Otis Wesley Chase and Harriet F. Gould, died of convulsions on 2/19.1889.  In Stearns History of Plymouth she is listed as Ella, but the obituary referred to her as Ellen.  She was born in Plymouth on 10/10/1888, the 5th of six children born to Otis and Harriet.


CORLISS, STEPHEN, died of pneumonia 4/10/1889.  He was born 2/26/1807, the son of Isaac Corliss and his first wife, Dolly Heath.  He was the next to the oldest of 11 children.  He was a farmer and a blacksmith and was married to Eliza Lowd on 4/10/1833.


ECCLES, GEORGE died of pneumonia on 2/16/1899. He was born in Sherbrooke, P.Q. on 10/7/1831.  In 1856 he married Ruth Ann Moulton and they came to Plymouth in 1887.  They were the parents of seven children.


FERRIN, JONATHAN, died at the age of 88 on 4/12/1889.  He was partially disabled by lameness, but he was a successful farmer and a respected citizen.  He was married three times and was the father of six children.


HAWKINS, ANDREW JACKSON, committed suicide on 6/22/1889.  He was born in Conway in 1843.  In 1865 he married Sarah Kimball.  He was a laborer and they lived on Ward Hill in Plymouth.  His wife died in 1881 and he married next Margaret Teresa Meagher from Boston.  His first two children from his first marriage both died young.


HOWE, LUCIUS MANLIUS died 10/27/1889 of apoplexy.  He was 79 years old.  He was born in Beverly, Massachusetts 12/24/1809, the son of Dr. Arbner Howe and Sarah Thorndike.  In 1837 he married Laura Cutter.  She died 2/25/1842.  They had two children, John Henry and Laura C.  Lucius next married Elizabeth Cutter, a sister of his first wife.  They were wed in August 1849.  She died in 1860, after giving birth to two children, a girl and a boy.  His third wife was Caroline Vesta Burns and they were married 2/19/1863.  In 1842, while married to his second wife, they moved to Campton where he was a merchant for about 12 years.  In 1854 he moved to Plymouth and was associated with John T. Cutter and Cyrus Keniston.  In 1850 he was a delegate from Campton to the Constitutional Convention and he was a Selectman in Plymouth.


MELVIN, NOAH DANIEL died of heart failure on 2/6/1899.  He was born 5/19/1831 to Walter Melvin and his first wife, Dorothy Phillips.  Noah married Losina Elsie Swain on 11/6/1856.  She died in 1861.  He married second, Clarissa Ann Swain on 5/3/1862.


PEBBLES, CORA G. (NELSON), the first wife of Azro G. Pebbles, died 1/7/1889 of biliary calculf at the age of 28.  She was the daughter of Rev. Charles W. Nelson.


PIERCE, ROSE (FIELD), the wife of Samuel Pierce, died 10/20/1889 of gastroenteritis.  She was 26 years old and the mother of Laurence L. Pierce.  She was born in Albion, New York, the daughter of Laurence H. Field, a stone cutter, and Imogene Thomas.  Her husband, Samuel Pierce, was a lumberman.


ROBIE, FREDERICK W.A. died 7/20/1889 of softening of the brain.  He was born in Plymouth on Independence Day 1810.  He was a merchant tailor in town for many years.  He married Lucinda G. Fogg on 2/26/1836 and they were the parents of seven children. 


WEBBER, LUTHER, son of Edward Webber, died 5/3/1889 of heart disease and dropsy.  Luther was the second oldest child of Edward and his wife, Deborah Tucker.  He was born in 1800 and married Paulina A. Small.  They were the parents of two children.


WEEKS, NATHAN HOYT, died 9/12/1889 of apoplexy.  He was born in Gilford to Captain Benjamin Weeks.  He was married to Harriet Adaline Hackett, who died in 1859.  His second wife was Martha Gerrish Philbrick of Sanbornton.  They were married 6/30/1859.  He moved to Plymouth from Woodstock in 1871 and was engaged in farming and as a lumberman.  He was a delegate to the Constitutional Convention in 1876, and was a Representative in 1879 and again in 1891.  He was the first president of the Pemigewasset National Bank in Plymouth.  He and Harriet were the parents of nine children.